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What is the meaning of dreams about back? The spine is the most important part of the body, through which all energy flows to all organs pass, but in a dream it is equally important. Why is such a picture seen in a dream? Interpretations of different dream books differ depending on the details of the dream.

To begin with, analyze your dream, and highlight the most important thing in it: what actions did you perform with this part of the body: stroked, kissed, hugged, or hit it? Perhaps the back was covered with wounds, scars, or had some kind of distinguishing mark: a mole, a tattoo, or even wings. Only the totality of all the details will reveal the secrets of the future.

Man’s back in a dream.

Why is a man's back seen in a dream? According to the interpretation of the French dream book, if a man turned his back on you in a dream, then in reality, many close people will stop providing their support. To prevent this from happening, do not do things that you will later regret.

According to the Small Veles dream book, a man's back in a dream is also an unfavorable sign. Such an image foreshadows the misfortunes that will happen in that area of ​​life that is currently the most intense. What do you value most now: love, business, position in society? Get ready for the fact that at any time this great value may be taken away from you.

If you are not faithful to your man, and deceive him sometimes, then do not be surprised at the interpretation of a dream about your husband's back. All your betrayals, secrets, deceitful words will soon become not so secret. To fix such a disappointing future, stop lying, and perhaps fate will be favorable to you.

Why is the back of a loved one seen in a dream? This is a harbinger of betrayal, separation. The relationship has outlived its usefulness long ago, and the beloved is looking for a reason to leave you forever. Let him go in peace - more exciting events await you, you just have to endure the period of separation.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book, seeing your own back in a dream is a symbol interpreted depending on its condition. If it is hunched over, bony, wrinkled, this means the dreamer's old age will be difficult and painful. If the back is strong, muscular, even, then in old age you will feel great until your death.

According to Miller's dream book, a back without any clothes is a harbinger of loss of power and control. Such a picture is associated with defenselessness, openness, in no case during this period should you expose yourself to any, even the most insignificant danger - everything can end very badly.

Almost all dream books associate a woman's back in a dream with financial loss. Save your finances, do not make silly and unnecessary purchases, and most importantly - do not lend money to anyone, the money will not come back.

If in a dream you had to stroke the back of a person the relationship with whom does not want to come to a peaceful course, then the dream book predicts that soon mutual feelings will help you find harmony and agreement.

For men, kissing someone’s back in a dream is the prediction of a dream book that now is the time to show your masculinity: only by showing strength of character in full will you achieve what you want.

A dream of a bare back with extraneous growth.

Why is a hairy back seen in a dream? For a married woman, such a picture in a dream is a symbol of dissatisfaction with sexual desires - she does not feel masculine in her spouse, and takes on most of the responsibilities. The dream interpretation advises to wait out for a while, another young man may appear in your life, or an event will occur that will change the spouse's attitude to life.

If a man dreamed of hair on his back, then he may not worry about the course of the situation in life. Your body has hidden resources that can be mobilized when you need help and support.

Wings behind your back in a dream are a symbol of inner worries associated with the fate of a loved one. On the other hand, if you soar on wings in a dream, this means everything will go well, but if the wings are pitch black, this means you will be bitterly disappointed in your soul mate.

Aesop's dream book gives a physiological explanation for amole on the back in a dream. There are serious disorders in the body, it is especially worth taking care of the respiratory system - inflammation of the lung is not excluded. But if in reality you have this mole, then you can avoid serious trouble.

Your indifference to the problems of others will soon lead to loneliness if you dreamed of a tattoo on your back. But if another person had it, then in reality you will acquire an authoritative patron who will turn your worldview over with his eccentricity.

If you dreamed about a hump on the back of a stranger, the dream book predicts the appearance of new enemies who will keep in the shadows for some time and not reveal their true nature. But if the dreamer himself was humpbacked, then a lot of trouble will fall on him, which will seriously load his free time.

A spider on the back in a dream is a symbol of manipulation, dependence. Someone skillfully controls you, occupies all your thoughts and feelings, and does not give you rest even for a second. Beware of this person; he is leading you towards his goals that do not correspond the generally accepted moral standards.

Back in blood in a dream is a combination of two different meanings of the dream book, which together mean that you will quarrel with loved ones. But if the blood just oozes from the skin, if no open wounds are seen, this means a quarrel can be avoided, yielding to other people's interests.

Back pain in a dream is an ambiguous interpretation of the dream book. What caused pain in your night vision? If something hurts from fatigue, stress, then expect sad news. If the pain came from a fall or blow, this means quarrels and conflicts will become frequent in the family, which can lead to divorce.

Injured back: interpretation of dreams.

According to the interpretation of the dream book, a shot in the back in a dream, as in reality, symbolizes a vile betrayal, the consequences of which can only be guessed at. If in a dream you managed to see the shooter, then this particular person will turn out to be a deceiver and a traitor in reality - beware of his society, this will not bring anything good.

A wound on the back of someone you don’t know in a dream is a favorable prediction from a dream book, especially for those who have their own business. All competitors and rivals will be defeated by their own mistake, and you will only have to reap the laurels.

The dream book gives a psychoanalytic explanation of why back surgery is seen in a dream. Subconsciously, you are very worried about disagreements in the family, and you hope that relations with your family will improve soon. But without decisive steps on the part of the dreamer, nothing will change.

If you shot someone in the back in a dream, the dream book states that in reality you will undeservedly accuse the person of an unsightly act, and insult him publicly. Do not make hasty conclusions; you should sort the situation out fully before making decisions that are fateful for outsiders.

According to the 21st century dream book, a blow in the back in a dream is an excellent prediction for those who are engaged in intellectual work. In the coming days, an insight will come to you, a new idea, and perhaps you will reward the world with a grandiose invention.

Did you dream of acne on the back of a loved one? Look for the reason for the cooling of passion in yourself: the dream book advises a little change in behavior, less control of a loved one or beloved, and then the relationship can go to a deeper level.

Why do you dream about a scratched back? For a man, the dream book gives a psychological explanation: you are satisfied with your sex life and crave experiments. For women who saw scratches on this part of the body in a dream, the dream book advises to hold back their passionate impulses - they scare men away.

If the snake has bitten you in the back in a dream, get ready for quarrels and showdowns with friends. A vile person who is close to both you and your comrade sets you up against each other - do not succumb to evil intentions, remember what meaning you attach to friendship.

The dream interpretation portends the appearance of enemies in the very close environment if someone stabbed you with a knife in your back in a dream. Someone from people close to you hypocritically calls you a friend, but in fact makes insidious plans against you.

Why do you dream of falling on your back? If it was hard for you to breathe after such a fall, this means you should pay attention to the state of your lungs - there is clearly a mess with your health. From another point of view, in the near future, you will feel defenseless in the face of new circumstances.

What does it mean if you dream about back massage? The dream book predicts that very soon you will become an adherent of an active and healthy lifestyle. For girls, such a dream can mean carnal pleasures.

On the contrary, giving someone a back massage means that you will have to live on a modest income, and this situation will be very difficult to fix.

The dream book gives an unfavorable interpretation to dreams of swimming on your back - your power will soon float away from you, you will become dependent on a strong personality. On the other hand, dreams of swimming on your back mean surrendering to the flow of circumstances, giving up, not taking any action that can improve the current situation. Take a proactive attitude and things will go smoothly.

If in a dream you had to stand with your back to your beloved, show your resentment, this means you will admit that you were wrong in a quarrel. You will understand that it is better to be wrong than to be apart.

For a woman, a kiss on the back from an unfamiliar person in a dream is a subconscious sign of her desire for affection and care. In relationship with a loved one, there is not enough romance and warmth, you consider him shy and insensitive. But one has only to show a little ingenuity, and the relationship will be colored in all colors of the rainbow.

Carrying any load on your back - a backpack, a bag - is a harbinger that all monetary affairs will be successful. The dream book interprets a little differently what one dreams of carrying a child on your back. This image means your loved ones will need your protection and support like air.

What is the meaning of a dream when a man hugs you from the back? For a married spouse, a hug is a good prediction. You can rely on your husband in any situation, and he will always support and understand you. For a lonely girl, such a plot portends a romantic acquaintance, which will turn into tender feelings.

Washing your back in a dream promises getting rid of someone else’s influence. In the near future, you will feel free from any obligations. But do not recklessly revel in freedom, the influence of the person may return, and then it will be very difficult to get rid of it.

Sergii Haranenko
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