Yellow Spider Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you had a dream about yellow spider? According to Miller, the dream of a yellow spider is a symbol of well-being.

What does a yellow spider represent in a dream of a woman? For an unmarried young girl, the dream of a yellow spider predicts a meeting with a colleague; for a divorced woman – it means meeting with her ex-spouse; if an eldery woman dreamed about yellow spider, this means she needs to have a rest.

A man dreams about yellow spider, what does it mean? A yellow spider in the hair of a man in a dream is a symbol of sadness; a yellow spider on your hand – is a symbol of new love relationship; if a man dreams of a yellow spider on his face – this is a promise of meeting an attractive lady.

What is the meaning of dream of yellow spider by Freud? According to Freud's dream book, such a dream may mean a lack of support from loved ones.

Here are the short interpretations of a dream of yellow spider by Freud. For women: one light orange spider predicts having to make a difficult choice; two yellow spiders indicate a favorable period in life; many spiders of yellow color symbolize taking part in charity event.

Here’s what Freud says about men’s dreams of yellow spiders: to dream about how a huge insect has bitten someone – predicts victory over a competitor; spider spinning a cobweb – means career growth and luck; to dream of a yellow spider eating its prey is a symbol of well-being.

According to Vanga, a dream about yellow spider bodes trouble at work. The interpreter states that killing a yellow spider in a dream predicts bad mood. If a widow sees a yellow spider in her dream, this is a sign of good news. If such a dream is seen by a married woman, it represents vain worries for her children.

A very big yellow spider seen in a dream can serve a symbol of conflict with an aggressive person.

To see in a dream how a black and yellow spider weaves a web – is a symbol of harmonious relationships in the family.

    Top-5 negative interpretations of yellow spiders in a dream:
  • The killing of an orange or yellow spider predicts conflicts with the leadership.
  • Seeing an insect eating a fly is a symbol of infectious disease.
  • Yellow spider lays eggs in a dream – children's health problems.
  • A small yellow spider – means gossip about a dreamer.
  • Dead yellow spider – worsening of relations with family.
    Top-5 positive interpretations of dreams about yellow spider:
  • Holding the yellow spider on your palm is a symbol of luck.
  • To see how he crawls on the bed – promises a gift.
  • Yellow spider crawling on the arm – improvement of well-being.
  • A bright yellow spider weaving a web – the arrival of the long-awaited guests.
  • Seeing a lot of yellow spiders in a dream is a sign of sexual satisfaction.

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Sergii Haranenko
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