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Chase Dream Meaning

Dreams about chasing symbolize regrets about lost opportunities or any kinds of fear. Not depending on whether you were the one who chases or being chased this dream means that you are trying to pursue some important goal. Often seeing such dreams means you are not being successful with your plans and goals.

Running away and leaving the chaser behind is a good sign showing you will be able to avoid some difficulties and losses. A car chase means you are trying to hide something and it is a sign that it’s time to face your problems and fears. Being chased by police may symbolize problems with law or can even predict a coming arrest; another explanation is spoiling relations with your surrounding.

Some dreambooks think that chasing is interpreted as a person’s desire to chase something in his life. Loff’s dreambook interprets chasing a person you know as your wish to help him solve his problem or it can be a sign that this person is in danger. Chasing somebody in your dream can be a sign of positive result from your work soon.

Running from an animal means you can expect gossip and intrigues against you. If you are chasing a thief it can symbolize your wish to correct and improve your relations with someone.

Sergii Haranenko

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