Chase Dream Meaning

Chasing dream symbolism

Being chased in a dream might symbolize your efforts to avoid confronting something in your waking life. It could represent a fear or anxiety you are trying to escape from. The identity of the chaser and the environment can provide more insight into what you are trying to avoid.

Dreams of being chased can be related to stress or pressure you're experiencing. It could symbolize deadlines, responsibilities, or challenges that you feel are "chasing" you.

If the chaser is someone you know or represents a specific person, the dream could reflect an ongoing conflict or issue between you and that person.

Sometimes, being chased can symbolize an internal conflict or dilemma you're facing. The chaser might represent a part of yourself or your own thoughts that you are trying to escape.

The act of being chased can point to unresolved issues that you haven't dealt with yet. These issues might continue to "chase" you until you confront them.

Being chased in a dream could indicate a desire for change or a need to escape from a situation that feels limiting or suffocating.

Being chased could signify a feeling of being overwhelmed by circumstances in your life.

Depending on the context, being chased might symbolize your pursuit of goals or ambitions. It could represent your drive to achieve something despite obstacles.

The feeling of being chased can stem from a sense of lack of control in certain areas of your life.

For some, being chased in a dream can evoke feelings of excitement or adrenaline. This might indicate a need for more excitement in your waking life or a desire to face challenges.

Chased dream meaning

What is chasing dreams meaning and symbolism? Dreams about chasing symbolize regrets about lost opportunities or any kinds of fear. Not depending on whether you were the one who chases or being chased this dream means that you are trying to pursue some important goal. Often seeing such dreams means you are not being successful with your plans and goals.

What does being chased in a dream mean? Running away and leaving the chaser behind is a good sign showing you will be able to avoid some difficulties and losses. A car chase means you are trying to hide something and it is a sign that it’s time to face your problems and fears. Being chased by police may symbolize problems with law or can even predict a coming arrest; another explanation is spoiling relations with your surrounding.

Some dreambooks think that chasing is interpreted as a person’s desire to chase something in his life. Loff’s dreambook interprets chasing a person you know as your wish to help him solve his problem or it can be a sign that this person is in danger. Chasing somebody in your dream can be a sign of positive result from your work soon.

Running from an animal means you can expect gossip and intrigues against you. If you are chasing a thief it can symbolize your wish to correct and improve your relations with someone.

To start chasing someone and overtaking a fugitive is a sign that your desire to improve your financial situation by any means will not bring satisfaction upon reaching the goal.

Unsuccessful pursuit in a dream predicts chagrin and irritability.

A dream about chase may predict acquaintance with a rich person and overcoming financial difficulties. A car chase in a dream predicts conflict at work; a deadly chase seen in a dream may symbolize disappointment in your partner.

Who chased you in a dream?

    The dreambooks give a number of brief interpretations of a dream about pursuit depending on the plot details:
  • a gang of bandits - a low-paying job;
  • ex-boyfriend chases you in a dream - an unsuccessful attempt to avoid conflict;
  • being chased by two criminals - household problems;
  • acquaintance chasing you - means stability;
  • maniac - the emergence of an influential patron;
  • being chased by the police - material difficulties;
  • husband chasing you - means glory;
  • an unfamiliar man - the loss of a valuable thing;
  • drug addicts stalk you in a dream - a serious conversation with a friend;
  • scary people - deception on the part of a loved one;
  • hooligans - winning the lottery;
  • alcoholics - health problems due to alcohol abuse;
  • a dying person - sharp deterioration in health;
  • a sick person chases you - hospitalization;
  • witches - attending an unusual event;
  • a man with an ax in his hands chases you - a fight with an aggressive person;
  • being haunted by a ghost - passion for esotericism;
  • the dead person is alive and chases you in a dream - diseases that will be caused by hard work and insomnia;
  • inadequate neighbor - desire to change the place of residence;
  • being chased by a dog - a conflict with a friend;
  • being chased by a lot of herrings - means well-being;
  • a crazy woman chases you in a dream - emotional burnout;
  • a flock of sheep - outdoor recreation;
  • a stranger who attacks all people – deceit of a loved one;
  • being chased by a puma - deterioration in professional reputation;
  • a person who turns into a werewolf - a change in lifestyle;
  • black panther chases you - a new romance;
  • deceased grandfather - longing;
  • an angry stranger - an increase in social status;
  • psychos chase you in a dream - falling in love with a person who remains indifferent to the dreamer's difficulties;
  • the girl you fell in love with - being late for a date;
  • foxes with raccoons chase you - arranging a solemn event;
  • a dead distant relative - an exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • a handsome guy - means the need to help loved ones;
  • being chased by many pigs - to unfair accusations from a colleague;
  • a teacher chased you in a dream - means new interests;
  • a beggar chasing you - the appropriation of other people's merits;
  • a light-haired boy - trouble due to irresponsibility;
  • several wolves haunt you - praise from the boss;
  • a person without a face - risk of injury;
  • a guy who is in love with a relative - self-development.

The dream in which the bandits were chasing you promises legal proceedings.

If you dreamed that you had to run away from your grandmother, this means a quarrel in the family.

    Depending on the dream actions, the dreambooks give the following interpretations for chasing dreams:
  • running away from the chase in the forest - is a symbol of new opportunities;
  • running with a girl from enemies up or down the stairs - means a monetary reward;
  • to be scared by the chase - getting rid of the bad habit;
  • to break away from the chase - promiscuous intimate relationships;
  • to climb a tree during the chase - means concern;
  • to hide from the chasers - means resentment for a loved one;
  • swimming away - means a conflict with neighbors;
  • to fly away from the chase - predicts well-being;
  • jumping out of the window - predicts a child's illness;
  • running on the snow and fleeing the chase - predicts a romantic date;
  • leaving by car from pursuit - means deception on the part of a loved one;
  • hearing shots and feeling intense fear during a chase - means victory in an argument;
  • to run away slowly from pursuers - means great concern;
  • running away from the maniac, and then finding him and killing - means reconciliation with the enemy;
  • to run away from the person you love - predicts a long parting with loved ones;
  • to see how the police kill the pursuers during the chase - symbol of loneliness;
  • flying on a broomstick from people who are chasing you - represents the need to visit an elderly family member;
  • falling into a pit trying to escape from the offender - to the visit of intruders.
    Depending on who is chased in your dream, the interpreters give the following explanations:
  • chase for a woman - new love relationship;
  • someone is chasing a naked girl - sign of original ideas;
  • chasing a guy - means receiving an expensive gift;
  • chasing the offender - sign of stress.

Top-5 negative dreams about chase

  • Taking flight seeing that an angry crowd is chasing you, predicts the loss of additional source of income.
  • Colleagues from the previous job pursue you - predicts demotion after a conflict with a business partner.
  • Being chased by hooligans - means family disputes because of different views on raising children.
  • People in uniform and epaulets - means imprisonment.
  • To flee from persecutors and die - symbol of self-doubt.

Top-5 positive meanings of pursuit dreams

  • Running away from the pursuer, who is armed with a knife predicts finding employment in an interesting job.
  • Running through the forest from wild animals and climbing a tall tree means great joy.
  • Driving a stolen car away from being chased by bandits means developing business and improving professional skills.
  • Escaping the chase by bus - predicts traveling.
  • If you dreamed that friends were watching and then chasing you, this means a pleasant surprise from them.
Sergii Haranenko
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