Nestling Dream Meaning

What is baby birds spiritual meaning in dreams? Dreaming about nestlings predicts positive life changes and acquaintance with future friends. Besides that, fledgling in a dream symbolizes self-doubt and committing rash acts.

    Which bird’s nestling did you see in your dream?
  • nestling of a stork - replenishment in the family;
  • nestling of a budgerigar - the emergence of new life goals;
  • nestling of a sparrow - communicating with relatives;
  • nestling of a crow - positive changes in personal life;
  • nestling of a jackdaw - interesting meetings;
  • nestling of a dove - mutual understanding in the family;
  • nestling of a rook - receiving a gift;
  • nestling of a goose - organizing a family holiday;
  • nestling of a thrush - support from your friends;
  • nestling of a woodpecker - gaining new skills;
  • nestling of a crane - the emergence of an influential patron;
  • nestling of a turkey - the implementation of the plan;
  • nestling of a canary - good luck;
  • nestling of a kite - a reward for hard work;
  • nestling of a cuckoo - unforeseen expenses;
  • nestling of a partridge - receiving long-awaited news;
  • chicks - winning the dispute;
  • nestling of a peacock - pride in your achievements;
  • nestling of an eagle - receiving an award;
  • nestlings of swallows - a calm family life;
  • nestling of a swan - mutual love;
  • nestling of a quail - the end of a difficult period;
  • nestling of a duck - the acquisition of real estate;
  • nestling of a rooster - meeting an old friend;
  • nestling of a tomtit - receiving important news;
  • nestling of a flamingo - new positive impressions;
  • nestling of a bullfinch - well-being in the house;
  • nestling of an eagle-owl - successful completion of affairs;
  • nestling of a falcon - profit;
  • nestling of an owl - the need to be patient in a difficult situation;
  • nestling of a starling - getting rid of bad habits;
  • nestling of a hawk - longevity;
  • nestlings of magpies - returning the old debt;
  • nestling of a swift - an invitation to a holiday;
  • nestling of a penguin - meeting an influential person.
    How did the baby-birds look like in your dream?
  • nestling without feathers - business losses;
  • white nestling - an expensive purchase;
  • sick nestling - worries about children;
  • big nestling - the implementation of the plan;
  • nestling hatching - the opportunity to get rich quickly;
  • blue baby-birds - divorce and division of property;
  • pet baby-birds - promise a long life;
  • dead nestling - failure of the project;
  • yellow nestling - exciting adventures;
  • red nestling - marriage;
  • large nestling - the emergence of a new source of income;
  • newborn nestling - the loss of a valuable thing;
  • unusual nestling - sign of good mood;
  • small ones - financial assistance from parents;
  • fluffy nestling - winning a large sum;
  • nestling wounded - the lack of financial stability;
  • nestling flying away - an insult from a friend;
  • dying nestling - bankruptcy;
  • black nestling - doing hard work;
  • pink nestling - solving problems;
  • dark-blue nestling - communicating with a hypocritical person.
    Where did you see baby-birds in your dream?
  • nestlings in the water - fear of difficulties;
  • nestlings in the nest - wealth;
  • nestlings in the house - good health;
  • baby-birds in a cage - making a mistake;
  • nestlings in the apartment - relaxing in the company of friends;
  • nestlings in the room - promotion at work;
  • nestlings in a box - a new profitable business;
  • nestlings in the pond - receiving an inheritance;
  • baby-bird in the shell - temporary difficulties;
  • nestling on the balcony - successful implementation of the project;
  • nestlings on a tree - valuable acquisitions;
  • baby-birds on the ground - signing a profitable deal;
  • nestling on the roof - moving to another city;
  • nestlings on the windowsill - vain worries about loved ones;
  • nestlings in the dreamer's hair - mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • nestlings in one’s hands - self-confidence.
    What were your actions with the hatchlings in a dream?
  • returning the chicks to the nest - a lucky coincidence;
  • picking them up - means happiness and joy;
  • taking chicks home - making the right decision;
  • catching nestlings - successful self-realization;
  • feeding baby-birds - the arrival of guests;
  • releasing a nestling - a successful business trip;
  • petting a hatchling - relaxing with the family;
  • drinking a baby-bird - the implementation of plans;
  • feeding chickens with bread and worms - participating in a charity event;
  • saving chicks from a burning house - an important meeting;
  • giving them to your neighbor - means gaining valuable experience;
  • eating nestlings - fatigue from monotonous work.

How many chicks did you see in your dream? A dream about two nestlings means winning the dispute; 3 baby-birds symbolize a prosperous life; a flock of nestlings symbolize good luck; a lot of hatchlings promise the recognition of merits by the management.

If a woman dreams about nestlings, this plot may be a symbol of replenishment in the family. Here you can find out what dreams mean you are pregnant as well.

What other images did you see besides a baby-bird in your dream? Seeing the embryo of a chick in an egg - means fear for children; a kitten and nestling - a waste of money; a rat and a hatchling - means meanness from competitors.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about hatchlings?
  • Killing a baby-bird in a dream speaks of health problems.
  • Finding a nest with dead chicks is a warning about an accident.
  • Small chicks flying around the yard - mean separation from loved ones.
  • Hearing how they squeak - means a request for help from a friend.
  • Rescuing nestlings from a cat predicts danger on the road.
    Here are the Top-5 positive baby-bird dream meanings:
  • Picking up and feeding a chick - means victory over competitors.
  • A large and multi-colored baby-bird is a sign of popularity.
  • Nestling with a big beak - means increasing one’s self-esteem.
  • Baby-bird with a tuft - means well-deserved respect.
  • Yellow wagtail chicks - predict a romantic acquaintance.
Sergii Haranenko
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