Picking Eggs Dream Meaning

How to understand a dream where you picked eggs? Many nationalities consider eggs to be a talisman against troubles and the personification of life. That is why picking them in a dream is a very positive sign that promises grace to the dreamer. But, according to some dream books, such plots can predict impending disasters. To find out exactly what the "egg" theme symbolizes in a dream, it is necessary to take into account all the details of the vision.

According to Miller, such a dream suggests that soon you will replenish your own budget significantly.

Did you have a dream that you gathered a full basket of eggs in a dream? Expect successful changes - such a dream means that you will receive a tempting and profitable offer, which you should not refuse.

A plot in which you found a nesting place of a wild bird in the forest is also a good sign - distant relatives will leave you a fortune.

And only picking rotten eggs in a dream means loss and failure.

Have you dreamed of many egg layings in the hen house that you were picking? Be prepared for sudden wealth that you will receive. Do many eggs in a dream lie in the hen house everywhere, and not just in the nests? This is a symbol of misuse of funds.

If you see in a dream how tiny chickens hatch, this means you will be able to complete the profitable business you have begun.

But if the chickens smashed the egg-laying in the hen house, and you had to remove the egg shell, this is a sign that you should not invest in the business you started, it is better to wind it down, the interpreter advises.

Did you dream about an unsuccessful egg gathering? Dream Interpretation by Tsvetkova believes that picking broken eggs in a dream is a signal that you should be vigilant so as not to get into a difficult situation.

Putting broken eggs in a basket and throwing them in the trash in a dream is a sign of waste and misuse of resources and strength.

Did you pick eggs and drop the basket with them on the floor? This is a sign of obstacles and failures on the way to the intended goals.

It is very bad to see rotten eggs in a dream. Did you have a dream that you picked eggs with a clear smell of hydrogen sulfide? Be prepared for sudden illness or exacerbation of chronic illnesses.

If in a dream you gathered eggs from the nest, while separating the fresh from the rotten ones, in reality you will find work on which you will spend a lot of effort and energy, and earn mere pennies.

    It is the laying bird that plays a significant role in explaining the dream. For example, here is what each of the birds promises:
  • goose - well-being and successful business;
  • duck - you will soon receive news from a loved one who has left far from you;
  • ostrich - you will worry about trifles;
  • quail - small but frequent expenses await you;
  • of a wild bird – you will start communicating with distant relatives.
    The dreambooks give brief interpretations of the plot depending on what kind of eggs you happened to pick in a dream:
  • white eggs - fidelity in the family;
  • broken eggs - an accidental offense by a dreamer of a familiar person;
  • large eggs - moral encouragement at work;
  • boiled eggs - the visit of guests;
  • dirty eggs - unpleasant troubles;
  • large eggs - a successful deal;
  • small ones - gossip behind your back;
  • broken eggs - troubles in the family;
  • fresh eggs - health;
  • raw eggs - insignificant household expenses;
  • eggs of different sizes - uncertainty in personal life.

If a pregnant woman dreamed about picking eggs, this is a symbol of easy labor.

    Depending on where you happened to gather the eggs:
  • in the water - changes in life;
  • in the hen house - physical hard work, which will bring a good income;
  • in the forest - inheritance or gain;
  • in the garden - a large acquisition;
  • in the field - problems at work;
  • in the hay - a possible quarrel with neighbors;
  • from the nest - unexpected profits;
  • on the grass - displeasure of the boss;
  • from under the chicken - help of friends or relatives;
  • from the ground - streamlining affairs at work;
  • in the barn - a meeting with an old friend.

If you dreamed about stealing the eggs – this means suspicion of dishonesty of an honest person.

Chicken eggs of an unusual color - predict moving to an exotic country or to a large city.

According to Freud, if a woman gathered a large basket of eggs, this is a dream of an unsuccessful search for the ideal partner.

Here you can find real-life omens and superstitions about eggs and eggshell.

Sergii Haranenko
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