Bottom Dream Meaning

What is the bottom dream meaning and symbolism? It is very difficult to give an unambiguous definition of what the bottom/floor means in a dream. After all, the interpretation of a dream depends largely on the details of the plot: which reservoir or container it belonged to, what it was like, and what you did at the bottom in a dream.

Miller's predictions

Miller's dream book does not have a large number of interpretations as to what the bottom represents in dreams. But nevertheless, he knows how to explain some plots. For example, if you dreamed that you were throwing pebbles on the seabed to find out the depth, then this means your desire to find out some information hidden from you.

Or such an interpretation: to see yourself in a dream diving to the seabed for seashells is a symbol of inappropriate risk that you take in order to achieve your goals.

You will solve some mysteries

A vision in which you walk on the bottom of the sea, the water of which is clear and transparent speaks about the disclosure of other people's secrets, ancient mysteries or important classified information, the Wanderer's dream book says.

The Gypsy interpreter gives a similar interpretation: walking in the transparent depths of the sea in a dream is a sign that you are not giving in to the difficulties of obtaining information. You can easily solve any riddle about someone.

Resist the temptation

Did you have a dream that you are going down to the bottom of the sea or ocean against your own free will, but some unknown force pulling you to the bottom? According to most dream books, this means your instability in front of temptations. You can be easily led astray by promises of something worthy of your attention.

But here is what explanation is given by the Italian dream book to a dream in which you go to the bottom of the ocean, drowning: succumbing to momentary weakness, you risk losing the honor and respect of your colleagues and acquaintances.

Protect your secrets

For those who dreamed that they were diving to the bottom of the river, it is worth remembering how it looked in a dream, the dream books suggest.

    Here is, for example, the meaning of the following river bottom:
  • stony river bottom - someone wants to find out important information about you, keep your mouth shut;
  • sandy river bottom - entrust your secret to a close friend, it will become easier;
  • muddy bottom of the river - before telling people anything about yourself, make sure they are sincere;
  • river bottom overgrown with algae - do not invent anything about yourself, otherwise you will get confused as to whom you said this or that information;
  • river bottom covered with snails or crayfish - there are envious people in your life who are waiting for your mistakes.

Don't try to hinder fate

Dream books give slightly different explanations, explaining why the bottom of the lake is seen in a dream. For example, Pastor Loff's dream book recommends that you stop all attempts to correct what you do not like in your life if you dreamed of how you were floating on the bottom of a lake with clean water. Fate knows what is best for you, says the interpreter.

Do you see in a dream that the bottom of the reservoir is strewn with stones? This suggests that you are putting obstacles in your path with your actions yourself. If you want to achieve success, calm down and do not fuss.

The period of "purification" is coming

And here is how the English dream book deciphers what a corpse at the bottom of a lake or river means: thanks to your patience and tranquility, something unnecessary and interfering with life will "go away" from your life.

What does it mean if you had a dream that you were at the bottom of a swamp? Remember your feelings, the dream books advise. Were you scared in your dream? This is a sign that it is time to get rid of complexes and phobias; otherwise you will not be able to move on towards your goal. And if you were not afraid, this dream is a signal that you should reconsider your goals and change priorities.

Changes for the better in relationships are predicted by a plot in which you stand on the stone bottom of an empty well. You will have the opportunity to look at your surrounding from a different angle, understanding with whom to continue communication, and with whom to interrupt it.

Kaleidoscope of events

Did you have a dream that you fell into a pool of dirty water and sank to the bottom? This is a sign of base passions that will lead you to repentance after you surrender to them, Tsvetkov's dream book says.

Lying at the bottom of a pit filled with sand in a dream is a sign of dissatisfaction with the way your affairs are going. But wandering around a sunken ship in a dream, collecting gold and coins, is a sign of unexpected luck.

But holding a box in your hands in a dream and seeing through the gap that it has double bottom is a signal that you should not poke your nose into other people's affairs if you do not want to get into a conflict situation, the Eastern interpreter says, deciphering such a dream.

Sergii Haranenko
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