Falling From The Roof Dream Meaning

What does falling from the roof symbolize in dreams? Dreams about falling from the roof often predict moving up the career ladder. Besides that, such a dream may predict problems in personal life.

Falling off a roof of a high building - predicts wealth and longevity; if it was a multi-storey building, this plot means health problems.

If you fell off the roof on the ground, this plot may predict an accidental meeting with your ex.

A dream in which someone fell from the roof and was very scared promises communication with an unpleasant person.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream portends overcoming difficulties on the way to the goal. Falling off the roof and getting injured - means the loss of friends.

According to Freud's dream book, a fall from the roof in a dream symbolizes sexual dissatisfaction and disappointment in a partner.

A fall from the roof of a small building means self-doubt; a tall one - difficult life trials.

    Who fell from the room in your dream?
  • brother fell from the roof - longing;
  • girl falling from the roof in a dream - good news;
  • daughter falling from the roof - distrust in relations with a partner or material difficulties;
  • friend fell from the roof - a joyful event;
  • wife’s fall from the roof - love and fidelity on her part;
  • cat falling from the roof in a dream - to an invitation to a date;
  • beloved one fell from the roof - bad mood;
  • a boy falls from the roof - a profitable offer from competitors;
  • mother falling off the roof - misunderstanding in the family;
  • girlfriend fell off the roof - a quarrel with her;
  • father falling from the roof - the appearance of debts;
  • seeing your son falling off the roof - improving one’s health;
  • boyfriend fell off the roof - losses and failures;
  • husband falls from the roof - financial stability;
  • a dream about a stranger falling from the roof - being fired;
  • teenager falling off the roof - an unplanned replenishment in the family;
  • sister fell off the roof - the appearance of enemies in your environment;
  • dog falling from the roof - a serious conversation with your best friend;
  • two unfamiliar girls fell - intrigues from ill-wishers;
  • deceased grandfather fell off the roof - tears.
  • What were your actions in a dream?
  • seeing how someone fell from the roof and survived - bad news;
  • falling from the roof and staying alive - resentment against relatives;
  • slipping and falling from the roof of the church - meeting a new business partner;
  • cleaning snow and falling off the roof - a creative crisis;
  • jumping off the roof with a stranger - committing a rash act;
  • falling from the roof and breaking your head - a migraine;
  • falling from one roof to another - passion for extreme sports;
  • fall from the roof, watching the planes - good luck in business and vivid impressions;
  • seeing someone jumping from the roof - problems due to excessive gullibility.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about falling from the roof?

  • Falling off the roof with a loved one warns of a misunderstanding with him.
  • Repairing the roof and falling from it - the risk of being in an awkward situation at work.
  • Fainting and falling off the roof - health problems.
  • Sitting on the edge of the roof and falling off it - the beginning of a period of troubles and failures.
  • Falling from a roof that is on fire - the collapse of plans.

What are the Top-5 positive falling off the roof dream meanings?

  • Seeing how several people fall from the roof means a positive change in life.
  • Saving a falling child is a sign of a pleasant surprise.
  • Falling from the roof of a high-rise building and not getting injured - career growth.
  • Running on the roof at night and falling through - unexpected profits.
  • Building a roof on the parents' house and falling from it - replenishment in the family.
Sergii Haranenko
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