All About Birds In Dreams

Usually birds in a dream represent all the good, success, profit, sometimes gossip. A lot of small birds seen in a dream is a sign that you will have some small profit. Throwing food to the birds is a symbol of longing, the search for new acquaintances, a new society.

Hearing birdsong in a dream - means talking to friends. But hearing very loud singing is a sign of quarrel.

Seeing fighting birds in a dream means your upcoming participation in a quarrel between women. Talking to the birds in a dream predicts fun.

Catching a bird on the fly is a sign that you will receive a letter from afar; the bird climbs in your bosom - this means happiness and luck.

A chick starting to try its wings and falling in a dream means failure in a poorly considered business.

To see a bird of prey in a dream - predicts that you will be deceived. Shooting a bird of prey - after the fight, you will overcome all the obstacles on the way to happiness.

Sometimes a bird seen in a dream predicts meeting with a friend you have been thinking about recently.

If a person sees himself copulating with a bird of prey in a dream - this is a bad sign, this means that something can be torn right out of his hands.

If a woman has a dream in which she sees a beautiful bird with rich plumage, this portends her a marriage with a good man.

As in all the dream images, the details play an important role for the correct interpretation.

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