Heron Dream Meaning

What does a heron represent in a dream? Seeing a heron in a dream is a sign of good luck. A dream means tireless struggle for your happiness, if you dreamed that it stood on one leg for a long time, waiting for prey.

Modern dream books interpret in different ways why an egret appears in flight in a dream. It can be a symbol of betrayal, other troubles in the family, or it can carry the news of a meeting with an influential person who will solve all problems at once.

According to Miller, if you dreamed of a heron walking on a swamp trapping a frog, be prepared for gossip, squabbles, petty quarrels in the work team. Psychologists warn that it will take a lot of effort to restore peace and balance. A large bird in a dream means that the fight for good place will not be entirely honest and disinterested.

    Miller's dream interpretation does not reduce the interpretation of a dream to one meaning. He describes as follows why a heron or crane appears in a dream:
  • swallowing food - means emergence of strong rivals;
  • flying away from the swamp - a successful trip;
  • standing in the rays of sunset - predicts love intrigues, treason;
  • swaying from side to side - means the dreamer's uncertainty;
  • a stork flying over the house - symbol of well-being.

Seeing a patient heron waiting for a long time for the appearance of fish or a frog in a dream, is for people who do not have enough strength, energy and enterprise.

Dream Interpretation of Tsvetkov recommends acting without delay, not waiting for competitors to seize the initiative, if you dreamed that the bird did not move at all.

Failure to take a chance is what a dream about heron catching a frog in the air means. It turns out that there are people who are capable of appropriating other people's merits, stealing an idea in your environment. Do not be afraid to declare yourself, to submit for consideration to long-cherished projects.

Vanga's dream book explains in its own way why a brooding heron standing alone against the background of sunset or dawn appears in a dream. Love affairs will haunt you in the coming weeks, months. Attempts to cheat on the part of the soul mate are not excluded. Try to give as much time as possible to your family, loved ones, so that they do not feel lonely.

Seeing a heron in a dream, catching it means counting on a big win, the success of your endeavor. If you dreamed that the heron was walking in your direction, wait for the appearance of secret admirers. At the same time, do not forget that even the innermost secrets can be revealed to a wide range of people at any moment.

A heron or a stork flying over a house or a tall tree in a dream portends a successful marriage to single people. Their chicks, looking out of the nest, symbolize the offspring according to the dream book of Nostradamus. This can be the pregnancy of any family member or a girlfriend.

The more pleasant the dream and awakening were, the more chances of adding happiness in the house there will be. These include the birth of children, stable financial situation, the acquisition of real estate.

Sergii Haranenko
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