Eagle Dream Meaning

The black vulture sitting on your head or on your hand promises a reprimand from management. Try not to get into the eyes of the boss the next week after such a dream.

If you dreamed of an eagle's nest with eggs - you are waiting for a large gain and wealth, but if you see chicks in the nest, this means you will have troubles associated with children.

If you see a dream that one male eagle attacks the other, protecting his chicks - in reality you will have to come into conflict with an unpleasant person who can harm your family.

To watch in a dream the flight of eagles in the sky - there will be a rapid promotion in your career. Despite the fact that you are not quite ready for a new position, it will be easy for you to cope with it, thanks to your mind and ingenuity.

To see an eaglet sitting on your hand in a dream – predicts the coming fulfillment of desires. The adult eagle sitting on the hand symbolizes maturity and balanced intentions, feel free to start what you have been dreaming about for a long time, everything will work out for you, the Moon Dream Book promises.

If in a dream you pick up a wounded eagle in order to cure it and let it go, then soon a child will be born in your family who will glorify your clan.

If you dreamed of a huge dead condor - envious people lose in the "war" against you.

In a dream, killing an eagle that attacks you is a sign of the loss of something of value. It’s not scary if you lose a thing, beware of losing confidence, Tsvetkov’s dream book warns.

To see in a dream how a large white eagle with traces of blood on the plumage pursues its prey and catches up with it - no matter how hard you feel, you can solve the problems yourself, while earning authority from colleagues.

If you had a dream in which you look at the coat of arms with the double-headed eagle depicted on it – means you have to face the authorities. Be careful in your actions so that this meeting does not cause you trouble.

An eagle tattoo stuffed on the shoulder means unfulfilled ambitions. You think you deserve more recognition, but you are being abused and underestimated.

If you dreamed that you found a coin lying on the ground with the “eagle” side up – this is a sign of pleasant surprises.

Have you soared in the sky in a dream, considering yourself an eagle and looking for prey? In reality, you started playing other people's games. Loff's Dream Interpretation recommends that you “take off your mask” and start living your life.

It is a dream that you see a beautiful white eagle knocking on your window - to receive good news soon.

I dreamed that you were riding a flying eagle and you see very far – this is a symbol of an interesting and enjoyable journey to distant lands.

It is a dream that your vision has become as sharp as that of an eagle - you will find out secret information that will help you achieve what you want.

Sergii Haranenko
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