Woodpecker Dream Meaning

Did you happen to see a woodpecker in a dream? We are used to give a double meaning in the word woodpecker - it is a symbol of hard work and perseverance, bordering on pain-in-the-ass. Depending on the associations that arise, dream books interpret this image. If you saw this bird in a dream – be sure to find out the secret meaning.

    Do you happen to see the same pictures connected with a woodpecker from time to time in a dream? It is believed that they have an explicit prophetic content:
  • The woodpecker hid in a hollow – promise of unexpected support.
  • Flew out of hollow – means the need to help someone.
  • The woodpecker flew over the forest – sign of important news in the field of business or official affairs.
  • If it ran along the branches – promises the amazing actions or successes of the child.
  • The woodpecker searched for larvae under the rotten bark for a long time – symbol of fame, money and spiritual upliftment, which will become a reward for your hard work and talent.

If a sick person has had a chance to observe a bird in its natural environment, on a tree, he will soon recover. Did you dream of the knock of a woodpecker sitting somewhere on a tree? Interpretation of a dream is the following: a person will have some problems that will not be easy to cope with.

Did you see a bird in a dream that was quite large, or unusually bright in color? In reality, you can expect some incredible and very pleasant news. To find the hollow of a bird on a tree is a sign that there will be loneliness, which will be caused by bad habits and unkind acts.

Did you dream of a tireless woodpecker? If you involuntarily associate the bird with your partner, this clearly indicates problems in the sexual life. It is obvious that in reality the persistence of the lover in the desire to fulfill all his fantasies runs into indecision and resistance.

For those who dreamed of this unofficial symbol of obstinacy, the Intimate dream book advises loosening the frames of conventions and surrendering to experiments: if a partner is truly loved and you care about him, his eccentric affection will give you vivid sensations.

If a person who in real life is tormented by an annoying admirer or a sexual lady-maniac suddenly dreams about a woodpecker, he has a chance to get rid of undesired attention.

Medea's Dream Interpretation gives an unusual advice: to imagine in a dream that the tree trunk that a woodpecker is pecking is made of iron. There is nothing left for it but to search for prey that is tastier and easier, and the dreamer will be finally left alone in real life.

In a dream did you hold a woodpecker in your hands? This is a symbol of self-confidence, the ability to achieve everything independently. Did you have a dream that you took a woodpecker in your hands, and it flies on your shoulder? Miller warns: soon there will be an opportunity to help someone who is less adapted to difficulties.

Often a woodpecker seen in a dream personifies nobility, but only if it causes admiration, not irritation. If you dreamed that the sounds of blows in the woods annoyed you, this means that soon you will be chased by bouts of headache. Is it a dream that a woodpecker is pecking a house roof? This means that family well-being is in danger, you should be ready for trouble.

Sergii Haranenko
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