Snake With Teeth Dream Meaning

View of the open mouth of a snake with teeth full of poison, from the point of view of Gustav Miller is a warning about any form of hostility from people, fate or the dreamer itself. The fact that the snake was squirming threateningly in a dream speaks of disharmony in the inner world, of sins and remorse of conscience.

A person attempt to slip past a snake with teeth testifies to the weakness of nature, suspicion and susceptibility to psychosomatic diseases.

The intention to kill the snake is regarded by a dreambook as promiscuity in the means of asserting leadership. The murder itself predicts the triumph of victory over rivals.

    The plot interpretation also depends on how the snake looked in your dream:
  • A small toothy snake turns into a giant snake – signs of paranoia.
  • A long snake body changes shape, taking bizarre forms – life tests.
  • A tangle of vipers – hospitality will result in slander from your guests and shame.
  • Snakes similar to fanged worms – destruction of plans by enemies.
  • A cobra with a hypnotic gaze – illegal oppression of a woman.
  • To see Gorgon's wriggling hair – predicts bitter consequences of recklessness.

Incredible giant pythons appear in a dream as forerunners of the apocalypse, some dreambooks state.

The girl will suffer from hypocrisy if a dead snake bites her. The desire of a mother to protect the child with her body is regarded as a fear of becoming a victim of blackmail. Over time, she finds that the old misdeeds have dragged her into a dirty story.

If her hand was bitten by a snake, the girl will be hurt by skillful manipulations of ill-wishers.

For a man to be stung means unsuccessful attempts to resist the intrigues of enemies. Business will be damaged. If the powerful tail trangling the dreamer wrapped around his neck and fangs with poison got into his veins, the guy will become a helpless pawn in the hands of criminals or weaken from the disease.

A snake with teeth that was tamed by your friend is a sign that a powerful structure will act to protect your interests. And if you held in your hands, you will develop a winning tactic of confronting hostile influence.

The friendly adder symbolizes erected penis and upcoming entertainment. If the snake lies on a warm stone, your lover will not have problems with potency. If the snake in your dream caresses to your partner, the lady is expected to have new and certainly pleasant sensations.

The sudden attack of the animal announces the appearance of a rival who will interfere with the relationship of the couple.

The guy, who watches the snake dance with interest in a dream, has homosexual fantasies in reality. He will have to decide whether to give freedom to his homosexual impulses.

Superstitions about snakes as amulets. Does snakeskin bring luck?

Sergii Haranenko
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