Black Bird Dream Meaning

What is the black bird spiritual meaning in dreams? A black bird in a dream is interpreted by the dream book as a harbinger of many problems. It personifies unpleasant news, negative emotions, conflicts, losses. But, knowing what such a symbol means in dreams, you can prepare and meet the problems fully armed.

Seeing a black bird flying in the sky means that you will soon find out the bad news. Also, a dream about it in the sky promises that some kind of grief will happen.

Why do many black crows appear in the sky above the forest in your dream? The dream interpretation explains: they portend a cloudy day or snowfall soon.

Also, a change in the weather is promised by a dream of a flock of starlings. Torrential rains will begin.

A black flock in a dream is an unfavorable sign. It indicates: someone thinks badly about the dreamer or the events left behind continue to affect his life negatively.

Did you dream of a flock of birds with plumage of a gloomy color? The dream interpretation explains: this portends people unrest, disasters in the dreamer's city.

Why does a big black bird appear in a dream? Soon the dreamer will meet an unpleasant person, communication with whom does not bode well.

A big black swan in a dream portends disagreements with a loved one. The dream interpretation warns: in order to avoid a divorce, you need to smooth out conflicts, suppress scandals.

Have you seen a large bird with dark plumage? The dreamer's misadventures threaten to spill over into a protracted stage.

A black feather in a dream also promises trouble, negative emotions that will soon have to be experienced.

If a black bird attacks, one must be wary of spiteful critics, they should not be underestimated. Knowing who is capable of doing harm, keep communication to a minimum so that he cannot pervert your words.

What does it mean if you dream of catching a black bird with your hands? In reality, the dreamer will look for the culprit of his troubles.

Did you have a dream that a black bird was pecking at your head in a dream? This means you will make a mistake, which will be the result of your habit of delaying solving issues for a long time.

Have you heard how a black bird knocks on glass with its beak? The dream interpretation reports: the expected news may not be entirely pleasant.

What does it mean if a black bird knocks on the window in a dream? Pay attention to your emotional state. Perhaps at first glance it seems that you are calm, but something is gnawing at you inside.

Why does one dream of seeing a black bird fly in through the window? The dream interpretation warns: in reality, the dreamer will suffer a heavy loss.

What does it mean if a black bird flew into your apartment in a dream? This means someone close to you gets sick. Even a slight malaise is fraught with unpleasant consequences, but measures taken in time will allow them to be avoided.

Did you dream that a black bird was flying around the house? There are serious family problems ahead with your spouse or children. You need to pay more attention to their interests.

Driving the black bird out of the house in a dream means a long streak of failures that haunted the dreamer will finally end.

Stroking a black bird - do not succumb to circumstances, fight to the end, "lure" good luck, even when personal experiences threaten to overwhelm you completely.

What does it mean if you dreamed of killing a black bird? You will overcome difficulties and obstacles. Also, to kill it, according to the dream book, means to avoid significant losses in business by drawing the right conclusions.

Seeing the black bird’s nest means an increase or the appearance of unexpected income. If there are still chicks, Fortune will make you happy with her smile.

    The interpretation of a dream takes into account other details. Remember what the black bird was like:
  • small black bird - no increase in income is expected yet;
  • huge black bird - threatens mental health disorder;
  • sinister black bird - you have lost the joy of life and become a pessimist;
  • black bird without eyes - pipe dreams, desires that cannot be fulfilled;
  • dead black bird - troubles, problems that depend on its size.

Did the black bird hit the glass in your dream? Miller considers this is a signal to the mind on a subconscious level to reconsider outdated or ineffective beliefs.

Sergii Haranenko
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