Marrying Your Ex Dream Meaning

Many people want to leave relationships with former lovers in the past. However, sometimes the subconscious mind shows us strange pictures in dreams with the participation of people that we don’t want to remember. Such dreams include a wedding with an ex-boyfriend, -girlfriend or -spouse, which can only be deciphered with the help of a dream book.

Meaning of marrying your ex partner

Not all girls like to dream about getting married to an ex-boyfriend. The next morning, anxiety usually appears, and often the bad mood does not leave for several days. What will popular dream interpreters say about this?

When a girl who is not married dreams of a wedding with her ex-boyfriend, difficulties await her in reality. The situation may turn out to be hopeless, which will be facilitated by numerous obstacles. You will be forced to stand still and will not be able to change anything. If such night dreams are constantly repeated, this indicates that the girl still yearns and misses her past relationship. But you should pull yourself together and give yourself a chance to be truly happy.

If you happened to marry your ex-boyfriend in a dream, the dream books also interpret this as a special sign. You need to understand yourself. If the picture was vivid and you can’t get it out of your head, be careful and don’t do anything rash. You risk making a serious mistake that will be associated with your new relationship.

If the guests were sad at the celebration, this means unpleasant news. They will be connected with a former lover who was in the dream as a groom.

Some sources talk about such a picture as an opportunity to start a new romantic relationship. The romance promises to be bright, dizzying, and the man you meet along the path of life promises to be a cheerful and very pleasant person. Being around him will make you look a few years younger.

A large number of guests at your wedding with the former lover represent gossip. Your life is actively discussed, while remembering past relationships.

Marrying your ex-husband dream meaning

    The dream book will explain what a dream means in which you had to marry your ex-husband.
  • When such a dream occurs during a long period of time, it means that you are uncertain about the decision to divorce and consider it wrong. Pictures from the past often pop up in your memory and make you sad. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your current relationship.
  • According to dream books, a wedding symbolizes something new, a path forward, but marrying your ex-husband in a dream is a bad sign. After such a dream, a woman may experience troubles and losses.
  • If a girl/woman who is currently in a second marriage saw a marriage with her ex-spouse in a dream, this is evidence that the marriage is not going well. It is possible that this relationship has already outlived its usefulness and will soon collapse.
  • But a dream can also carry positive information: if the wedding with your ex-husband did not take place, this means that in reality you will be able to let go of the memories and begin a new stage in life. The dream in which a girl dressed in a white wedding dress runs away from the ceremony has the same meaning.

Wedding with your ex-girlfriend dream meaning

    Former relationships can also pop up in the subconscious of men. What will the dream book tell them about this dream plot?
  • The pain of losing your beloved still lives in your soul. It is likely that your heart does not want to accept new feelings, because it is again afraid of being broken. In general, you are passive and do not want to make friends.
  • The dream book says that a wedding with an ex-girlfriend in a dream can symbolize dramatic changes. If you stop soul-searching, a new stage will soon begin: calm and stable.
  • Marriage to your ex-wife portends major troubles. If the ceremony was magnificent, the dreamer will face health problems; a modest celebration promises failure in your personal life.
  • Seeing a wedding with your ex-wife in a dream means you will not be able to develop. There is a huge burden in your soul left by past relationships. It is he who does not give the opportunity to move forward.
  • If the wedding was fun, and you danced with your ex-girlfriend, this means soon you may meet her again, and feelings will flare up with renewed vigor.
  • If after the official ceremony you got married to your ex, the dream book advises not to haste. This ritual symbolizes the unification of souls, and therefore it is quite possible that you might resume your relationships.
  • If you drank champagne at a celebration with your ex-girlfriend who became your wife in a dream, this is a sign that your separation is final and this will benefit both of you.

As you can see, most dream books associate a wedding with former lovers with undying feelings. And here it is very important how you felt upon awakening: if the dream caused negative emotions, it is impossible to resume the relationship, but when you feel joy, there is a possibility of starting all over again.

Sergii Haranenko
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