Goose Bite Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream when a goose bites you? If you got bitten by a goose in a dream, this is a sign of a serious conversation with your boss or encounter with an aggressive person. Such a dream may also predict health improvement or unplanned replenishment in the family.

The meaning of a dream about an aggressive goose depends on a number of details. If the goose was white, this means family welfare; a grey goose represents the beginning of a bad period; a black goose in a dream is a symbol of emotional burnout.

    Depending on what body part the goose has bitten:
  • the leg - predicts a disease of the musculoskeletal system;
  • goose bites your finger - sign of a nervous breakdown;
  • a hand - an unsuccessful financial fraud and / or large losses.

If you dreamed that someone was bitten by many geese, this plot means there will be envious people in the work team. A flock of aggressive geese symbolizes deceit from a business partner.

    The dreambooks give interpretations depending on the actions of the goose:
  • goose attacks - means a quarrel with a loved one;
  • is trying to bite - resolving a family conflict;
  • if it nibbles grass - to a well-deserved monetary reward.
    Top-5 negative meanings of a dream about goose bite:
  • A goose that bites an unfamiliar child by the ear predicts problems at work or dismissal due to serious disagreements with management.
  • A huge live goose biting you on the nose so that there is blood - means plans failure and bad luck.
  • To strangle a goose in a dream means to resent a loved one.
  • A bird that attacks a close relative and bites him on the buttock - is a sign of material difficulties due to the inability to save money.
  • Goose and duck biting other domestic animals - predicts a medical examination.
    Top-5 positive interpretations of being bitten by geese in dreams:
  • To kill or injure a goose in a dream that bit people - means reconciliation with the enemy and the establishment of friendly ties with an influential person.
  • Watching a small goose bite an enemy is a sign of promotion after signing a contract with competitors on favorable terms.
  • A wild goose attack - symbolizes help from loved ones.
  • Flocks of white geese - symbol of good mood.
  • A small gosling bites - means small profit.

According to interpretation from Miller's dream book, such a dream may portend an accident at the production.

    Additional dream interpretations by Miller:
  • to see how white geese bit strangers - means committing a rash act and quarreling with a partner;
  • if your relatives were bitten by a goose - this means receiving financial support;
  • your colleagues - original ideas and profitable business;
  • geese bite your friends - means a trip to another country on behalf of the management.

If a woman dreamed that the goose pinched your ring finger, this means you will meet a married man in reality.

According to Sigmund Freud, such a dream is a symbol of financial instability and unwillingness to start a love relationship.

    Brief dream meaning for men, according to Freud:
  • a bite on the index finger – bad luck;
  • on the little finger - a quarrel with an older family member because of betrayal on his part;
  • on the thumb - an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of an old habit;
  • on the middle finger - breaking off relations with a close friend;
  • on the ring finger - unforeseen circumstances.

According to Vanga, a dream about a goose that pinched you predicts an unplanned business trip and receiving good news from a relative.

According to Evgeny Tsvetkov, the pinching and biting goose in a dream represents the dreamer's desire to gain respect and success at the expense of the achievements of other people.

According to Veles's dream book, this dream is a symbol of the inability to express one's feelings and establish friendly relations with people.

According to the transcript from the English dream book, this dream is a sign of successful business development.

According to the Assyrian dream book, a goose that bites people or animals promises positive changes in personal life and business.

According to the Islamic dream book, the vision of a goose that bites symbolizes the dreamer's fear of being in an unpleasant situation and portends a quarrel with a friend.

Sergii Haranenko
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