Buttocks Dream Meaning

Buttocks seen in a dream – is a sign of defenselessness and guilt. What is the meaning of a dream of booty is not difficult to understand - something is eating at you and does not give rest. Dream Interpretations clearly divide dreams with buttocks into good and bad ones.

To see a person with bare buttocks in a dream, according to Gustav Miller, is a reflection of one’s own shame.

If at a social gathering you see a person in an outfit, but with his buttocks on display, a chronic disease promises to return, you should take care of your health.

If you dreamed that you had an injection with a syringe in the butt instead of injecting into another part of the body – such plot means you will have a love affair at work that could develop into a deep feeling.

Beautiful female buttocks seen in a dream are a symbol of weakness of spirit, the Spring Dream Book predicts.

If you dreamed about a tattoo on the buttocks of a woman - soon you will have to face a troublesome family affair. But the tattoo on the male buttocks promises troubles at work.

In a dream, you spun in front of a mirror, examining your bum cheeks - you will be hit “in the back” by a loved one.

To admire someone else’s ass or touch it - a dream means that all attempts to change something in life fail because of the fear of seeming ridiculous.

Did you have a dream that you see a naked ass dotted with abrasions and ulcers? You need to save your money.

Seeing your or someone else's ass in a dream in scars and abrasions means that you or that person will face great shame and ruin. Such a dream warns you that frivolous acts and excessive gullibility will not bring you to good.

Getting a kick in the ass in a dream indicates a change in business not at your will, but at the will of other people. The change can be good or bad.

Buttocks in blood seen in a dream – is a sign of financial fraud. Seeing your bloody butt - do not mess with other people's money, someone else's ass in the blood - do not trust your savings to anyone.

If you dreamed about the big buttock halves, covered with cellulite or hair - you spend too much money on stupid things. It's time to "turn on" the saving mode, advises the Moon Dream Book.

Here you can find interesting omens and superstitions about itchy butt.

If in a dream you were bitten by a dog in your ass - you dream of hard sex, Freud's dream book thinks. But the Autumn Dream Book believes that if a person’s butt was bitten by a dog, it’s a sign of a long journey.

If you dreamed that you were injected with a syringe without your consent - you do not want to live by the rules, but do not want to violate them for fear of being misunderstood.

Kisses on the ass are seen in a dream when you do not have enough affection and care from your partner. You dream of tenderness, but do not dare to tell him about it.

Shaving your hair on the buttocks in a dream – means you dream of peace and silence, but do not admit it because of the fear that you will be considered a “blue stocking”.

If you had a dream that you hit someone else’s buttocks, leaving bloody marks - you keep having the feeling that you did something wrong, and thus brought someone problems.

Beating your own butt in a dream means that you have committed meanness. This is eating you, but pride does not allow you to apologize.

Tearing someone’s hair out of the butt, thereby causing suffering — someone offended you a lot, you took revenge, but instead of relieving yourself, you got a feeling of your own guilt, as this is how this dream is explained in Loff's dream book.

According to the Dreambook of the 21st century, washing a booty in a dream predicts changes in life for the better. Your own or someone else’s butt indicates the presence of great potential to cope with any troubles. The black line in life is outlined, but it will not last forever.

The butt, namely the painful sensations in it – means that perhaps someone wants to ruin your reputation or health problems are coming.

Vedic dream book of Sivananda thinks that if you saw buttock in your dream, you will have to go through serious trials, deal with difficult circumstances, but in the end you will succeed, all the troubles will recede, the problems will be resolved safely.

An ass, if it is yours, seen in a dream means you will soon experience burning shame, you can be dishonored, the male butt - predicts trouble and problems, the female booty - means unexpected news, the child’s buttocks - release from troubles, negative influence from without, illness.

Here is what Freud says about buttock seen in a dream. A butt seen in a dream indicates spiritual discomfort if you dreamed of a man with bare buttocks. If you dreamed a rounded ass on which a mini skirt is put on - the subconscious mind shows your desire to taste the forbidden fruit.

If you are slapped on the buttocks in a dream - in reality you suffer from feelings of guilt. Tattoo on the ass indicates your participation in the matter with many vague nuances.

If you wipe your butt in a dream, this image advises you not to make important decisions in a hurry, carefully think through your every step, and be responsible. You should also pay attention to your surroundings, making a mistake can be fatal, any little thing can bring trouble.

Showing your ass to someone means that your slanderers and spiteful critics will not achieve their goal and their attempts to defame you will fail. If you dream that someone shows you his bottom in a dream, expect trouble and obstacles in business.

On the positive side, seeing buttocks in a dream may represent feelings of strength, power, and physical vitality. It could also symbolize a desire for intimacy or sexual expression, or a sense of freedom and liberation.

Additionally, seeing a firm, healthy buttocks in a dream could be an indication of good health and physical fitness, or a sign that the dreamer is taking care of their body.

Besides that, seeing someone's bottom in a dream indicates that despite difficult circumstances, struggle and suffering, all your major troubles will be safely resolved.

The animal butt in a dream is a symbol that your enemies will cause you minor troubles that will not affect your well-being in any way.

Sergii Haranenko
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