Mother Giving Birth Dream Meaning

Very often a dream in which a mother gives birth or bears a child exposes the subconscious fear of losing a loved one or jealousy caused by a lack of maternal warmth and attention in reality.

If a young woman saw her mother giving birth in a dream can be expecting pregnancy herself soon. This dream is a favorable sign for those who are trying to get pregnant for a long time already.

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If your mother gave birth to a boy in your dream, this plot predicts profit and prosperity in business, as well as success in all your plans.

If your mom had a girl in a dream, you will soon have long-awaited life changes that will bring a number of positive emotions and opportunities.

If you dreamed that mother’s labor was hard and with complications, it means that it will be necessary to overcome obstacles on the way to the realization of the cherished plans.

If your mother gave birth to one child in a dream, you will buy something you dreamed about. If there were several children, the purchase might be big, maybe it will be a car or you will buy a house or apartment.

If your mother was delivering and you had to help her yourself, without doctors being on time, there might be problems fulfilling your plans.

If your deceased mother was giving birth in your dream, such plot indicates that you have issues and responsibilities that you are trying to get rid of. You should better not do this because you might have problems because of an insignificant unfinished deed in future.

If an old person saw his long dead mother pregnant and in a moment she gave birth to the dreamer himself (i.e. the dreamer saw his own birth), such plot predicts a very big amount of money and financial welfare.

Sergii Haranenko
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