All About Poop In Dreams

Shit that appears in our dreams is usually a sign of unexpected inheritance or winning a large amount of money. Also, dreaming about excrement promises success in any endeavors associated with the main activity. According to the psychoanalyst Freud, a dream about poop can symbolically symbolize joy and quick achievement of a goal. According to the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga, such a dream could promise an unexpected solution to a difficult situation at work. Medium Miss Hasse interpreted the dream of shit as a sign of making good profit from investing personal funds. According to Meneghetti, dreaming about feces could portend an unexpected promotion. Seeing how a person eats his feces in a dream is a sign of great trouble at work. If you dreamed that you stepped or fell into poop, in reality it’s possible you will get a profitable offer from a competitor.

According to the writer Aesop, a dream about shit portends the receipt of unpleasant news from parents. According to the Wanderer’s dreambook, a vision of a large amount of excrement or manure can mean profit coming soon. According to the English dream book, a vision of shit symbolizes obtaining wealth and solving difficult issues. According to the Assyrian dream book, when one sees himself in shit and tries to wipe it off, this can mean illness of someone you care about.

As in any dream, the details are of great importance. Here is the list of related topics you can chose from in order to get the most correct interpretation of your dream plot.

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