Comet Dream Meaning

If a comet appeared in your dream, this is a sign of a significant and extremely unexpected event, which will soon happen, and will entail long-term consequences.

If you saw a comet fly through the sky in a dream, this means you will have to take an immediate decision. Your distant future depends on how correct this decision will be.

A sky with a comet also means you will have a difficult life test. Dream interpretation insists: if you successfully pass it, you will deserve fame, honor, prosperity.

If a tailed comet flashed in your dream, your boring life will be suddenly excited by acquaintance with an unusual person, although he will stay near you for a short time.

If a comet appeared in the night plot, you need to fight the troubles boldly, Miller thinks. But a young woman can see the same vision before heavy losses and sorrow.

A comet in the dream is also a symbol of rapid spiritual growth, creative ascent. If you happened to observe the movement of an unknown body, this means that a sense of duty will prevail over conflicting emotions.

If a bright spot was moving very fast in your dream, the dreambooks guarantee promotion of important business. If the object suddenly flashed and went out, there will be a series of serious changes and mysterious situations.

    You should also consider the details of the space object:
  • Asteroid - excellent prospects, unexpected success.
  • Meteor - illusion, deception.
  • Blue comet - a pleasant experience.
  • Red comet - danger, trouble.
  • Flaming comet - death of a loved one

The space body of a red shade promises changes in family life, of any other color - in public life. The shape of a comet often indicates the nature of the event, and its tail shows the duration of the consequences.

An especially bright comet that flew over your head means you will bring a very risky endeavor to the finish. But it is a bad sign if a woman saw such image. It indicates cheating of your beloved person.

Seeing a tailed comet in your dream is a sign that you are making unrealistic plans. A falling star promises news from afar. The same plot symbolizes some shocking incident. Its character is directly dependent on the general atmosphere of the dream. If it is gloomy, then wait for the bad, if it is pleasant and bright, the news will be positive.

In addition, a falling comet hints that your plan will not be fulfilled soon, perhaps in a few years.

Some dreambooks consider a falling comet a sign of welfare and wish fulfillment. You can also see a comet fall before some unexpected happiness. But be careful since your joy can be very short-lasting.

If the comet has fallen in your dream, it is better to follow the advice of the dreambooks and postpone important matters, meetings, risky trips for an indefinite time, otherwise you will get into trouble.

Such dreams are often prophetic and have global significance. If the comet has fallen in a dream, a fair upheaval will occur in the whole country, a military conflict, epidemic or other cataclysm is possible.

Sergii Haranenko
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