Dirtying Dream Meaning

What does soiling something in a dream mean? A dream, in which people in dirty clothes standing side by side with you in public transport stain you, portends a disease. Dirtying your face by running dirty hands over it - on the contrary, is a symbol of good health.

Eating messy in a dream, staining the tablecloth with dripping fat or sauce, means that you have a pleasant journey ahead; and you will make it with a person who is not attractive in appearance, but is sweet in communication.

A dream of dirt on a blouse or jacket means that your reputation is in danger of a scandal. If you clean your clothes from dirt, you will be able to avoid many troubles in reality.

Non-washable stains on the body or clothes mean that in reality you can be deceived if you do not exercise due diligence in time. Getting stained with ink or rust portends the visit of numerous guests.

Seeing paint on your clothes – means you will be in trouble in reality; this is a prediction of a bereavement that you will endure with courage and dignity.

According to the Chinese dreambook, if you kill a person in such a way that blood stains your clothes – this means you will receive material gain, wealth.

Getting dirty in a dream also predicts illness or doubts about your decisions. Besides that, such a dream predicts gossip.

    Here are the Top-5 negative dreams about getting dirty:
  • Getting dirty with blood in dreams speaks of problems with the law.
  • Staining yourself with food – means the loss of reputation.
  • Stains from paint – are a sign of hard physical labor.
  • Getting dirty at home – means reduce of your self-esteem.
  • Dirtying yourself at work – means cooperation with an irresponsible person.
    What are the Top-5 positive meanings of dreams of getting stained?
  • Getting dirty with soil in a dream is a sign of an exciting journey.
  • Ink stains in a dream – may be a symbol of creative success.
  • Getting your hands dirty – promises respect and recognition in society.
  • Dirtying your face – means harmony and comfort in the house.
  • Getting dirty on purpose promises fun pastime.

According to Miller, if a woman had her legs/feet dirty, this plot warns of an accident.

What does it mean if you got stained with poop? Dirtying oneself with shit in a dream promises salary increase or receiving a bonus. Besides that such a dream predicts threats from your ill-wishers.

    The interpreters give brief explanations depending on whose excrement in was:
  • getting dirty with animals’ excrement – a pleasant surprises at work;
  • staining yourself with your own feces – predicts profit from investing personal funds;
  • dirtying oneself with someone else’s shit – symbolizes intrigues in the work team;
  • child’s poop staining you in a dream – predicts wealth.
    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about getting stained with feces?
  • Getting dirty with cat feces is a dream predicting parting with a partner.
  • Goat’s excrements staining you – means communicating with a two-faced person.
  • Getting your feet dirty with feces – is a sign of big expenses.
  • Face stained with shit – warns of an awkward situation.
  • Clothes dirty with poop – predicts gossip at work.
    Here are the Top-5 positive dream meanings about dirtying yourself with poop:
  • Getting dirty with warm feces in a dream predicts a joyful event.
  • Liquid poop staining you – means obtaining useful information.
  • Getting smeared with feces on the street – means improving relations with a loved one.
  • Getting dirty with shit at home – means opening a profitable business.
  • Getting dirty with feces and washing yourself – predicts quick implementation of your plan.
Sergii Haranenko
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