Meaning Of A Dream Within A Dream

What does it mean if you feel you are having a dream in a dream? The interpreters consider that having a dream inside the dream predicts dream coming true or a pleasant trip. But if you saw a nightmare inside your dream, this is a symbol of long illness and insincerity in relations with someone close.

If you had a dream in a dream several times, this may be a sign of your beloved’s cheating.

    Top-5 negative meanings of a dream within a dream:
  • Seeing a dream in a dream about swimming in the sea - means chronic fatigue.
  • A dream that you fall from a height - predicts risk of injury.
  • You buy or try on clothes - troubles in your personal life.
  • You kill a person - the impossibility of implementing your plan.
  • Finding money means disappointment at work.
    Top-5 positive dreams inside dreams:
  • Seeing a dream about running on the grass - means a happy waking life.
  • Lying in a coffin - symbol of recovery.
  • A dream inside a dream about friends or relatives - is a symbol of new acquaintances.
  • Dreaming about nature - means wealth and joy.
  • About sand - promises gifts and good luck in business.

According to Miller, dreaming in a dream is a symbol of romantic relationship.

    Additional interpretations depending on the plot of the second dream:
  • dog attack - symbol of conflict;
  • theft of money - participating in an adventure;
  • family members - means well-being.

If a married man communicated with an unknown woman in a dream within a dream, this means financial loss or loss of reputation.

According to Freud, seeing a dream within a dream means a negative change in personal life.

If a married girl had a dream about an accident in a dream, this plot predicts appearance of envious people.

If a woman sees an icon in a dream within a dream, this may predict the death of a loved one.

    What did Vanga say about a dream inside a dream?
  • to see many strangers in a dream inside a dream - means joy;
  • own wedding - predicts an unpleasant situation at work;
  • someone else's funeral - signing a lucrative contract;
  • how you cut your hair - trouble during a business trip;
  • repairing a car - sign of rash spending.
    Interpretation of plots of dreams inside dreams by Tsvetkov’s dreambook:
  • if in a dream you dreamed of how you fought with someone, this means victory over your opponent;
  • went in for sports - improvement of your well-being;
  • played with the child - replenishment in the family.

According to Loff's dream book, seeing a dream in a dream is a symbol of happy life.

    Additional dream transcripts:
  • if a friend appeared in a dream, this plot predicts an invitation to a holiday;
  • dreaming of an enemy - trouble in business;
  • seeing a relative - help of an influential person;
  • to see a dream in a dream about standing on a roof - means promotion;
  • swimming in the pool - a long-awaited rest;
  • collected flowers - an invitation to a date.

If you were hiding in your dream within a dream, this plot means you will have enemies. Losing something valuable in a second dream predicts financial difficulties in waking life.

If in your dream in a dream you were looking in the mirror, this plot predicts a joyful event.

If you understood you were sleeping and dreaming, you might have some new complexes.

If you had a dream about thunder and storm in a dream, this plot predicts a period of conflicts.

According to the Wanderer’s dreambook, seeing a dream in a dream means the successful completion of a complex business.

What does a doubling dream mean? Sometimes dreams somehow miraculously coincide with the events of real life. It's not about prophetic dreams. For a prophetic dream warns the dreamer of an important event that ends the period of a person's life or life as a whole. A dream paired with an event, as a rule, opens a chain of phenomena going into the future.

Sergii Haranenko
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