Interpretation Of A Dream About Blind Dog

Dream about a blind dog is interpreted as a symbol of helplessness, inability to see the real state of things or unwillingness to overcome difficulties. Such dog in a dream warns about conflicts with relatives, deceit, troubles. Sometimes such image in a dream is a promise of faithful friends and luck.

If you saw a dream about a blind dog, this sign promises a possible failure of the begun business. Pay more attention to its development in order to avoid failure. To see that your pet got blind means you cannot cope with difficulties alone, you have to ask someone for help.

If a blind dog was walking after you, such plot indicates that you feel insecure in your abilities and need friendly support. Miller considers dreams about dog that could not see a harbinger or troubles and problems.

If a blind dog died because of old age in your dream, this means that some period in your life will come to an end soon. If the dog got better, you should not despair and continue to work on the case which has stalled so far.

If the dog was not just blind, but had no eyes in your dream, this image predicts conflicts and misunderstanding in the family. Also, this plot foreshadows a long separation from your loved one.

If the dog was also beaten, this means the dreamer will be deceived by a person from him close surrounding whom he trusts. Wounded dog foreshadows the loss through the fault of someone close. Moreover, the damage can be not only material.

According to other interpretations of the dream dog deprived of sight is a symbol of a friend who is always ready to support and solve a problem. The dreamer is not able to cope with serious difficulties, to find a way out of difficult situations.

Seeing a blind dog on the street means you will soon find about illness of your friend and the disease will be quite serious. If you walked with it, stroked, fed, and the dog licked you, this means you will establish a trusting, warm relationship with a friend.

Sergii Haranenko
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