Interpretation Of A Dream About Eating A Dog

What it means if you ate a dog in a dream? Prepare for litigation or hearing.

Did you dream that you personally ate dog meat? This action is negative and symbolizes hidden aggression, the desire to destroy and ruin, regardless of other people.

Seeing how homeless people ate a dog is not better. According to the dream book, this means that a whole series of strange and even stunning incidents is coming.

Sometimes dog meat in a dream symbolizes contentment and well-being, but more often indicates conflict and trouble.

According to Miller, if you personally ate a dog, dream interpretation is sure that you do not value your own friends and once you will regret it bitterly.

If you dreamed that you were eating dog meat, the interpretation should consider your attitude to such unusual food. Dreamed that only its view caused nausea? It means you will have to communicate with an arrogant and very greedy person in reality. If dog meat seemed rather interesting to your taste in a dream, you will be able to find a common language with business partners or relatives. Dream interpretation predicts the emergence of reliable friends and the conclusion of lucrative contracts.

Seeing how you eat dog food with great pleasure literally means growth in the business field and skillful use of previously acquired skills.

Eating a dog in a dream is sometimes the reflection of the acquisition of unusual knowledge and experience skills.

If you dreamed that you had to eat dog meat against your will, get ready for a grueling fight for survival itself. Sometimes the plot is interpreted as a banal need to make concessions, make a decision or do something with will power.

To see how others eat doggy meat can be the reflection of desire to have more power, vitality, personal energy. In rare cases, the dream book predicts family grief.

If you made yourself swallow at least a piece of meat, you will make a decision literally with an effort of will. It is also possible that you will be embroiled in a dubious affair.

If you liked the dog meat in a dream, the dreambooks recommend preparing for the serious blows of fate.

If someone treated you with dog meat, this means you will receive money or good news.

    If you remember how the dog meat was cooked:
  • Boiled – misunderstandings, small troubles;
  • Fried – money and other loss;
  • Dried – long conversation;
  • Raw – illness, experience, knowledge;
  • Rotten – great loss, trouble.

If you dreamed that unknown people ate a dog, get ready for serious conflict, fight or even robbery. If you were invited for a meal where all the dishes were cooked from god’s meat, this means you will make a trip soon.

Sergii Haranenko
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