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Interpretation Of A Dream About Dachshund

A person who saw a dachshund in his dream can be expecting luck in love and a long period of happiness. According to Miller’s dreambook, to dream of a dachshund is more of a positive sign than a negative one. So, for example, a long dog wagging its tail happily promises a long period of happiness and joy.

If you see a dead dachshund in a dream, you should pay attention to the dog’s age. If a young dog died, the success you were hoping for would end very suddenly and abruptly; and if the old four-legged friend passed away, you should be ready for changes.

Longo considers a funny dachshund playing with a ball a symbol of a faithful and supportive friend.

And if you dreamed that you were calling someone else's dachshund, but it does not approach, but only wags its tail glancing at you from a decent distance, this image means you should be prepared for the fact that you have to gain someone’s trust.

A plot about a furious dachshund biting you speaks of disappointment in people, the English dreambook states.

If a skinny angry dachshund was barking at you, Tsvetkov interprets such dream as a harbinger of betrayal or deceit. If it was your dog, you should be ready for deceit in the family; if it was someone else’s dog, be ready for betrayal from the outside.

If you watched two dachshunds fighting in a dream, this means you will become a witness of a quarrel between two close people in real life.

If you received a dachshund puppy as a gift in a dream, you will soon get acquainted with a good-natured and slightly naive person who, with a high degree of probability, will become your life partner or loyal friend if you already have a family.

If you found a puppy on the street and brought it home, this means you will finally take the right decision although you will doubt it for a long time.

    The dog’s color should be also taken into consideration:
  • red-haired dachshund - you are prone to adventure and risk;
  • black dachshund - your innate seriousness gives you credibility in the eyes of others;
  • white dachshund - you are a very positive and bright person, you will have many friends and colleagues;
  • multicolor - fun and carelessness - this is the meaning of your existence.

Sergii Haranenko

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