Stork omens and supersitions

The majestic stork, soaring in the clouds, is associated in most people with joy. We can watch it for a long time until it disappears over the horizon. In this detailed article we will discuss why this bird attracts us so much and what signs about storks exist.

What is the stork associated with in different nations?

There are animals and birds, to which different nations sometimes have a completely opposite attitude. But this does not concern the stork. It is revered as a good creature, possessing intuition and capable of bringing benefits.

Among the ancient Slavs, before the advent of Christianity, the stork belonged to sacred birds that have the ability to drive away black otherworldly forces. The researchers suggest that the taste preferences of the bird could be the reason for this: it eats only snakes and frogs. These reptiles and amphibians were considered messengers of evil, witches' helpers.

In Christianity, the stork is a creature that destroys what comes from the unclean, a symbol of bright thoughts and chastity. By the way, if you look at the storks from below, when they fly, they can be mistaken for angels.

Bulgarians believe that, flying to warmer climes for the winter, storks become people, plunging into a wonderful lake located on a mysterious land. Before returning back, they bathe in another pond and turn back into birds.

In Roman mythology, they are associated with the love and affection that children have for their parents. There are legends that the stork never leaves helpless parents. It will feed them, and if necessary, carry them on its back.

The wise Chinese also love storks. For them, this bird is a symbol of long life, patience, respect. They admire its ability to stand on one leg for a long time, calling it an example for creative learning and meditation.

According to Polish omens, killing a stork causes heavy rains that can ruin crops. To stop them, it is necessary to bury the dead bird as a person, putting it in a coffin and burying it in a cemetery. The Poles believed that storks are very similar to people. They also pray to God, cry tears, create a family.

Folk legends about storks

There are many folk tales about these graceful creatures, but almost all of them connect it with a person, i.e. with a predominance of human qualities.

For example, one Slavic legend tells that ones a curious man disobeyed the instructions of God, who handed him a tightly tied bag and told him to throw it into the sea. Full of curiosity, he decided to untie it and look at its contents. But the bag was really tricky. God Himself gathered into it all the creeping evil spirits: snakes, worms, etc., which the peasant accidentally released. Then God turned him in a stork, so that in this way he would atone for his guilt by collecting frogs, snakes, and worms. From shame, the legs and nose of the bird turned red.

Another legend says that the very first stork was once an ordinary peasant. Once he sinned by starting plowing on the day of a great holiday and was turned into a white bird.

Our ancestors believed that storks have both a heart and a soul, and even understand speech, and therefore are not afraid of people, making nests on the roofs of their houses, choose a mate for life and take care of their offspring for a long time.

Legends say that if you touch the sick part of the body with your hand at the moment when you see the stork, you can find healing.

When does the stork promise an addition?

    The most famous signs about storks are related to the fact that such a bird always promises a gain:
  • in the family;
  • in a wallet;
  • in business affairs, etc.

So, if a stork flew over only one house, the tenants should wait for replenishment in the family, and if it directly crossed the young girl’s path, there is no doubt about it. By the way, not only in reality, but also in a dream, a stork comes to the girls to warn about pregnancy.

In general, the sign that the stork "brings" babies is considered very ancient and far from unfounded. You can hear so many stories in the folklore. Such as that the bird takes the babies out of the sea, throws them through the chimney, if you leave a treat in the form of cheese on the window, it will bring the baby as a token of gratitude, etc.

Also, if during the wedding celebration the a graceful bird flies on the pipe at home and sits on it for a long time, all the guests begin to scream with delight, because soon the bride will become an expectant mother.

However, it is a good omen for newlyweds to see a stork that just flew over the house. This way it predicts people a happy married life, material wealth and mutual understanding.

When the stork circles over a sown field, farmers hope for a good harvest. If the bird decided to arrange its nest on the roof of the barn, the animals living in it will certainly actively breed all year round: chickens will lay eggs uninterruptedly, and cows will delight with large milk yields.


The people said: if a woman cannot get pregnant for a long time, she should ask for help from a bird flying over her head. Of course, it makes no sense to specially run after the stork, but if you happened to see a stork in the sky, the sign advises - quickly make a wish of a baby for yourself.

For those who doubt their own abilities regarding new beginnings, the appearance of a stork on the roof of the house should dispel doubts: everything will work out.

For unmarried women there is a wonderful belief: if, walking along the road, you meet a stork flying towards you, this means you will meet your betrothed within a year. Those who have not yet decided to legitimize the relationship can prepare for the wedding if they happened to see two storks.

When does a stork promise misfortune?

Of course, people rejoice if storks fly into their yard, because they bring so much good with them. But, unfortunately, superstitions associated with storks are also warning a person about dangers and misfortunes.

They concern the ruin of a bird's nest. The fact it is clear to any cultured person that this is an unworthy act in itself. You will also have to pay for it. Even an accidentally destroyed bird house will bring trouble: the threat of fire, lightning, flood, etc. will hang over the house.

The storks can create couples for life and truly be faithful to each other. These birds are kind to their offspring, which made them sacred creatures in the eyes of the ancient Slavs. Storks were never eaten, and killing this majestic birds was considered a mortal sin.

The cry of a stork near the edge of the roof promises material losses; if it slipped on the roof, this means unforeseen expenses are possible.

If you accidentally meet a wounded stork, try to help it. This will improve your financial situation. Ignoring it will have the exact opposite effect.

What does the stork symbolize according to popular beliefs?

The stork is a symbol of the coming of spring and the renewal of all life. According to esotericists, a meeting with this bird promises a lot of good for a person.

    If you see a stork in reality, this sign promises:
  • fruitful year;
  • fecundity of poultry and livestock;
  • good health;
  • financial well-being;
  • consent between spouses;
  • replenishment in the family.

Superstitions about stork in the sky

What does seeing a stork in the sky mean? A stork flying in the sky is a good omen in itself. But for different people it works differently and it is necessary to interpret it depending on the circumstances.

    So, for example:
  • if you are planning to carry out some important event and you managed to see a stork flying in the sky, this phenomenon will surely mark a good outcome of events;
  • birds soaring high in the sky may portend a meeting with interesting people;
  • if you chase a stork, you can get rid of failures and illnesses;
  • make a wish while watching a flying bird, and it will certainly come true.

Stork flew over your head meaning

Even our distant ancestors noticed that a stork flying overhead carries on its wings a bright and successful streak into a person’s life. Such a lucky person will succeed in all his endeavors.

Omens about stork flying above the house

A snow-white bird soaring in the sky, spreading its wings wide, is a majestic and bewitching sight, causing sacred awe of those who see this action.

    A symbol of prosperity and harmony flying over the house promises:
  • a prosperous and long life together for the newlyweds, as well as the absence of insidious trials of poverty and infidelity;
  • incredible luck in financial and economic affairs for families with experience, as well as support in all endeavors and promotion on the professional ladder;
  • for an unmarried girl, the stork will act as a matchmaker, bringing her a promising admirer;
  • but if a stork flies over the house at the moment of lazy idleness of its owners, for the next month this will provide household chores and worries to the residents.

Stork crossed your path

The magnificent bird that you met on the way, even in this situation, carries good news with its mere presence. If there were several birds walking on the ground, this means a white streak will soon come into your life.

If several storks cross your path or fly over, in the near future you will be able to win an unpleasant dispute.

Superstitions about stork making a nest

The stork's nest is considered to be the most powerful amulet.

If the birds built it on the roof of a residential building, this is a sign that the inhabitants of this dwelling are under the powerful protection of higher powers. You won't have any family problems.

But if the birds suddenly left their nest, or did not return to it after wintering in warm countries, this indicates that a tragic event will soon happen in the house. Perhaps it will be the death of one of the tenants or a big fire.

Black stork omens and superstitions

The black stork is a rare bird on the verge of extinction. It is quite difficult to meet it in the wild. In addition, this is a real bad omen, which is interpreted as the approach of trouble. But even in this case, the interpretation directly depends on the accompanying circumstances.

    Seeing a black stork means:
  • getting financial difficulties or serious illness if it circles over your house;
  • theft if it flies over a meadow;
  • car theft or an accident if it is sitting on a garage;
  • crop failure if it is walking around the garden;
  • problem solving if it flies away;
  • a divorce or a serious quarrel if it flies over the wedding procession.

Stork symbols signs

Today, as in former times, various symbols depicting storks are often used. Usually it is associated with family values, happiness and renewal.

Figurines and amulets depicting a stork will attract positive energy. There is a sign that the figurine, located on the bedside table, will bring passion and fidelity to the life of the spouses. In addition, a quick replenishment of the family is possible.

In general, a stork can be drawn, knitted, sculpted, embroidered, etc. In any case, it will help to attract well-being, prosperity, comfort.

It is not recommended to give paintings or figurines depicting a stork as a gift. It is considered that this can cause quarrels. Home owners must buy them or make their own items.

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