All About Sex In Dreams

The interpretation of sex seen in a dream depends on your behavior. If you feel shame, discomfort during sex in a dream, this means that your subconscious is trying to say you should be more relaxed. This applies not only to the intimate sphere. No need to hide emotions, hide your feelings from strangers. Your psyche needs some discharge.

Seeing group sex in a dream means being afraid to work alone. You are too dependent on the team, and this prevents you from developing. If you had sex with a stranger, this dream suggests that you drive yourself into the generally accepted framework too much. If you dream about threesome, this image means you pay attention to physical pleasures, not caring for spirituality.

If you dreamed about passionate sex - this indicates sexual dissatisfaction, a lack of sensuality. Sex with an ex-boyfriend / girlfriend may be a dream if feelings have not been forgotten.

Dream about rough sex often indicates a desire to dominate. You suppress the soulmate too much, you do not let your partner open in a relationship. As with all dreams, in order to get the correct meaning of the plot you saw, you need to take the details into account. The dream dictionary will help you find the interpretation that will be right for you.

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