Sex Not With Your Beloved Dream Meaning

If a girl sees in a dream sex with another man, with a stranger, and not with her beloved one, such a vision indicates the desire of the dreamer to be in the spotlight. But explaining to the guy why such a plot is seen in a dream, dream books assure him that he should stop trying to please everyone - this will lead to bad consequences. But for a complete understanding of what to expect after such a dream, you need to take into account all its details.

According to Miller, to dream about sex with another guy for a girl is a sign of the desire to fulfill a dream that scares the dreamer as much as it attracts her. And if she dreamed that she came into intimacy not with those young people whom she knew in reality, but with other guys, then this is a signal of a possible provocation that her opponent or envious person is preparing for her.

Answering the question of why one dreams of sexual joys not with a guy of her dreams, but with one whom she doesn’t like, the interpreter predicts disappointment due to the inability to fulfill what she wants.

Intimacy with a man with whom the dreamer is not familiar with in reality, symbolizes inner anxiety for no apparent reason, the East Dream Book convinces. Your intuition will “shout” to you about danger, although nothing will say anything about it.

The Modern Dream Book tells what the plot in which you met a handsome man and when it came to intimate relationships, he was not at all what he seemed to you, and you had sex with another man, predicts. You lack male attention, you subconsciously look for diversifying your life, but do not dare to such "experiments" in reality.

Did the girl dream about having sex with other women? This is a signal of imminent acquaintance with an interesting person. Moreover, this will not necessarily be a representative of the strong half of humanity; interests arising as a result of acquaintance will be of a friendly or business nature.

If a young guy sees a dream about two ladies having sex, this is a sign of the fulfillment of secret sexual desires, the interpretation of Esoteric Tsvetkov’s dream book pleases with the dreamers.

The dream books also have explanations for the male audience regarding what sex with other women means in a dream. So, for example, if a husband dreamed that he had sex not with his wife, but with her girlfriend, this means that in reality he is very annoyed by this person. But the “l’amour-de-trois” (threesome), a dream of a husband, where he plays the role of a hero-lover, appeasing his lady-friend in the presence of his wife, promises him a quarrel with his wife in reality.

Why does the single boy dream that he has entered into a sexual relationship with a friend of his mother? Such a vision, according to the Chinese dream book, means fear of being branded an inept lover.

    From what kind of sex with another person you indulged in a dream, the interpretations may depend. You can compare:
  • traditional heterosexual - you are too kind with people, even with enemies;
  • practiced oral sex - do not trust your secrets to everyone;
  • mastered tantric group sex - you are attracted to adventures, you are an adventurer by nature;
  • have tried anal penetration - you do not trust someone from relatives.
Sergii Haranenko
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