Going On The Water Dream Meaning

The dreambooks consider most of the dream about walking on the water a positive sign. It marks the onset of luck, luck, prosperity, joy. However, sometimes it cannot be interpreted so unambiguously: this applies to cases where the water was muddy, dirty because such quality in a dream brings various troubles.

The dreamed plot suggests that the dreamer has an easy-going character allowing him to get along with different people. Also, this symbol means: a person strives for good, more to the sublime things, the world of light.

Walking barefoot on the water in a dream is a positive sign bringing joyful news, a surprise, and changes for the better. If you were walking like this as if it is quite natural, this is a promise of an interesting travelling with a number of good impressions. Going on the water with your bare feet also means that the dreamer will be able to achieve his dream overcoming all the obstacles. He will triumph even over detractors.

Going on clean clear water in a dream is a very positive sign promising success, joy and good ending to some endeavor. Even an enterprise that previously raised serious doubts may end safely.

Going on the edge of the river or lake is a sign saying you will be able to achieve your goal only after you overcome all the obstacles. The deeper you were standing, the more difficulties will be on your way.

Walking in a pond barefoot raising a cloud of splashes - a dream signals that the person does not hesitate to manifest his feelings and emotions. It is worth thinking: maybe you should behave more restrained, especially with unfamiliar people.

Wading knee-deep in water across a stream or river means getting free from some danger.

Going on dirty water in a dream means that quarrels and troubles with relatives or friends are possible. If a woman was walking in dirty water, this sign in a dream promises remorse for past mistakes, overly relaxed, frivolous behavior.

Seeing children walking on clean lake or sea surface, this is a promise of great happiness in dreamer’s personal life.

Sergii Haranenko
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