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Interpretation of a dream about tattoo

A tattoo in a dream is a symbolic reflection of deep emotions and worries. Seeing it on your own body is an event that will turn out to be fateful and will be remembered for a lifetime.

If you dreamed that you intend to get a tattoo, this means that in reality you can never keep your big secret.

In a dream, did you plan to get a tattoo with a pretty picture? Dream Interpretation is sure that you are marked by an unprecedented and extremely unusual talent, which certainly should be developed. In addition, to get a tattoo - literally means to go to jail or to become a party to the trial.

What is the meaning of a dream that you get a tattoo? A dream plot tells you that you are ready to give up all the joys, fully devoting yourself to the chosen business. The dream interpretation does not advise you to take such extreme measures, small joys will make your life brighter and more comfortable.

Seeing that you got a funny image tattoo in a dream means you will make a pretty stupid action in real life. Tattoos on other people signify jealousy.

If you dreamed that you decided to have a beautiful tattoo, dream Interpretation suspects that you obviously lack romance in a relationship. Communication has become routine and too boring.

Are you planning to get yourself a tattoo? You clearly want to stand out from the general crowd and show your own independence

If someone intended to make you a tattoo against your will, this is a sign of evil eye, moral damage or serious illness.

If you got a tattoo, the dream interpretation also believes that sometimes you behave strangely and even inappropriately. And this harms your friendships and mutual understanding with others.

To make yourself a tattoo in your dreams means that you can completely change yourself if you desire.

If you happen to see tattooed pictures on your own body, Miller’s dream book prophesies: some unpleasant event will force you to leave home for a very long time.

In general, the body in a dream is the reservoir of the soul and life in general, and tattoos indicate a problem in a particular area. The dream interpretation is sure: in order to get a true interpretation of a dream, it is enough to consider where the tattoo was located on the body.

A tattoo on the face reflects the desire to seem better than you are and reliably hide some of your flaws.

What is the meaning of a dream of a tattoo on the arm? This dream sign reflects the possibility of solving problems or the complete absence thereof.

If a woman dreamed of a tattoo on her arm, the dream book claims that she will be noticed by a person whom she has long loved. For a man a hand full of tattoos in a dream promises disappointment in love.

If you dreamed that the tattoo was on your shoulder, this means you need urgent support, or vice versa, you are ready to provide it on demand.

What does a tattoo on a leg mean in a dream? If the mark is beautiful, then you are destined for happiness and understanding of friends. If the tattoo on the leg does not look very good, then the dream book promises conflicts with others and rivals.

Id you have a tattoo on your back? In a dream, it is a reminder of the past. The pattern on the back also calls for caution. You literally need someone who can cover you up at a dangerous moment.

If you happen to see a tattoo on your buttocks, this means that a certain old and probably confusing problem will make itself felt.

    The tattoo itself in night dreams is of particular importance. Using the full image, you can predict the future and evaluate the current situation.
  • The picture of a flower – love, beauty;
  • Wolf – will, loneliness;
  • Dragon – mystic power;
  • Cat – cunningness, deceit;
  • Bird – lightheartedness, wisdom;
  • Abstract tattoo – uncertainty, mystery;
  • Geometric figures – dimensionality, clarity.

If the picture consisted of symbols in a dream, then the dream book recommends thinking about its meaning. Perhaps there is something in your life that you completely do not pay attention to, although you should.