All about cars in dreams

Car or truck seen in a dream symbolizes personal opportunities in the implementation of private affairs.

The vehicle's (car's) condition shows what your chances of success are.

Broken car is a sign of an unexpected stop in business and discord with partners.

Seeing that the gears of a running machine/vehicle threaten to drag you inside the mechanism is a warning that you should not get involved in some business, otherwise the consequences may be irreparable.

Driving a car (being behind the wheel) - shows the general course of your personal life, independent of external circumstances.

Cars with a siren, signal cars (ambulance, fire engine) - mean severe anxiety, dreamer's worries, more often unreasonable and associated with the person's own outbursts of emotions, passions for various reasons.

Much less often, such dreams report a real misfortune, an accident.

A car (vehicle) is a mechanical means of transportation, but, unlike a train, tram or bus, the car is driven by the person himself, or his friend or relative, so this image is associated with a functional action that gives pleasure.

Interpreters associate it with the body or with the close environment, thereby indicating the person's attitude to the behavior of the logical-historical "I". Therefore, different models of cars and different ways of using them indicate different patterns of behavior of the "I". If the subject does not drive the car himself, this indicates the dominance of a positive or negative influence over him.

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