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Interpretation of a dream about car in the water

A dream about car in the water is quite an interesting symbol. It can reflect successful circumstances and peaceful cause of events or predict serious hardships and life tests.

According to Miller, a dream about car in the water is a warning about problems at work and threat to your reputation. Your silly deed will be the cause of these problems.

If you were driving the car on the water and didn’t have any obstacles on your way, this dream means you have some progress in your life.

If you were driving on infinite water surface in a good sunny day, the dreambooks promise unexpected joy or a happy finding (mostly probable not material).

If you felt scared driving a car on the water in your dream, this means the events will be changing too fast and you will not be able to adjust on time.

A dream about a car swimming in the water means you will have to admit your own mistakes and repent of them. Watching other vehicles taken away by water flow in a dream, can be a sign of heavy losses or negative changes.

A dream about car filled with water and you couldn’t get out of it is a warning about circumstances that will completely change all your plans.

If you saw your vehicle in clear water, this is a sign that a hopeless business will bring substantial profits. A car in a dirty puddle is a warning about financial problems, worries and almost hopeless situation.

    In order to get full understanding of such dream, you should consider the day when you saw it:
  • Monday – problems at work;
  • Tuesday – big money waste;
  • Wednesday – pay attention to your health;
  • Thursday – changes in your household;
  • Friday – useless struggle;
  • Saturday – big efforts, pressure;
  • Sunday – joy, maybe fulfilling of your wishes.

If you fell into pond in a car, this dream is a promise that you will fall in love soon and forget about everything. But if you fell into dirty or muddy water, the dream is a warning about hard times; you will experience iniquity and injustice.

If you fell into calm peaceful ocean in your dream, this is a promise of calm quiet life a chance to think about it. If a car fell into warm waters of the sea, this can mean your big wish will come true.

If you saw the car in the water and it fell there because you lost control, this is a warning that you will lose money or something valuable in real life. If the water was dirty in your dream, you will have debts and problems. It is also a sign of an unpredictable situation in real life.

If there was a car accident and your car fell into water, this means there is a real threat for your life or position in society.

If you fell under water in your dream, you will find yourself in a very difficult situation in real life. Washing the car literally means that you have to communicate with a deceitful and cunning person.

If the car was sinking in the water you should be ready for serious changes. The same plot is giving a hint that you are trying to run away from responsibility. If it didn’t sink in your dream, you can get real wealthy. If the car was sinking but you managed to get out of it in a dream, means you will start thinking differently.

If you deliberately drowned your car in a dream, you will get rid of something unwanted (relations, thoughts, fears).