Girl You Know Dream Meaning

According to Miller’s dream book, to see a familiar girl in a dream is a signal that the dreamer has a secret. But explaining to a man what dream of a female acquaintance is about, a psychologist assures that such a dream means getting out of a confusing situation.

Pay attention to the following: if you saw this image on a growing moon, this could mean the appearance in your life of a job or work that you will not like.

The dreambooks give positive interpretations of dreams about pregnant acquaintance. So, for example, the Eastern dreambook assures that to dream of a pregnant friend who does not expect replenishment in reality is a symbol of the fact that very soon this friend will entrust her secret to you.

According to the Gypsy Interpreter, the dreaming of a pregnant friend is a sign of receiving pleasant news that you have been interested in for a very long time. If you are waiting for a decision of a question, then be sure that it will be resolved in your favor.

If a guy often sees in a dream a familiar girl whom he likes being pregnant, with a child or with a pram, this means that he can count on stirring up her interest in him in real life.

A dream in which you see a familiar girl embracing you, with whom you have not communicated for a very long time in reality, is an evidence of the approach of happy change. Moreover, if this plot is seen constantly or very often, then the changes can occur at any time.

If the young man is hugged by a girl from the past ( ex-girlfriend, friend, classmate), this is a signal that he will change his status. This can be either a marriage or a promotion - depending on what he is more interested in, in a given period of life.

The dreambook of the Wanderer predicts possible troubles, explaining what the ex-girlfriend naked dreams mean. Take some time to make important decisions.

Nostradamus also gives negative interpretation of a dream about acquaintance whom you like in wedding dress. There is a chance that nothing will work out with the object of his passion.

According to Vanga, often seeing a girl you know picking up on you is a sign of illness. If a woman sees a dream about being kissed by a girl-friend, this is a sign of her insincerity.

If the girl looked much older than she is in a dream, you should show patience. Did you dream that the "old" girlfriend was sobbing, looking in the mirror at her wrinkled face? This means the dreamer's unwillingness to wait for a gradual development of events. It is worth remembering that such actions can deprive you of a chance to become happier - you can miss something important behind the bustle, the dream books predict.

    If you often see a dream about a girl you know having conversations with you, it is worth remembering the topic:
  • Nature, rest, pets – you are too tired, you should ask for vacation;
  • Work, study, entertainment – try changing a hobby, it will help you get rid of boredom;
  • Politics, news, accidents – you shouldn’t start public affairs, you will fail;
  • Personal life, children, sex – you should pay more time to your family;
  • Nonsense or silly ideas – you are at the wrong life path, you should ask for advice.
Sergii Haranenko
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