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Peacock Dream Meaning

A symbol of a Firebird was taken from the image of a peacock. The bird itself makes an ambiguous impression: one the one hand this is a beautiful and arrogant creature, one the other hand it is the usual representative of the chicken squad. When interpreting images seen in a dream, the dreambooks pay attention to the deceptive essence of a bright-tailed bird.

The Esoteric dreambook considers peacock a symbol of representing people who are very showy and arrogant and whom you should beware of. Dr. Freud associates the image of a peacock in a dream with a definite overestimation of the possibilities of your own organism. In an intimate sense, your overconfidence is ungrounded. The partners with whom you had sexual relations remained unsatisfied and their expectations didn’t come true. Seeing a peacock in the image of a fairytale character with a beautiful tail is a favorable sign promising wealth, luck and wellbeing. You can be lucky in a casino or with lottery ticket.

In spite of a beautiful view, a peacock with a loose beautiful tail in a dream is a symbol of deceit, according to a Islamic dreambook. The lies may come either from unknown people or from someone from your close surrounding. You should try to be alert at the moment and, if possible, check the incoming information. There is another interpretation of this plot in Miller’s dreambook. A peacock with a beautiful tail is a sign of sudden life changes. Excessive vivid impressions mixed with sad thoughts will have a depressing effect on your spirit.

Seeing a peacock feather in a dream reflects the person’s tendency to impress people with his pomp and extravagant actions. A dream about flying peacock can indicate your partner’s dissatisfaction with your social status and his/her attempts to find a more dignified person with financial stability. Mostly probable you will break up with your partner soon.

Loud cries of peacocks signal about future anxieties, worries and even disappointments caused by a person who you care about. If you saw a dancing peacock in a dream, this is a sign of welfare. According to Islamic dreambook, the bird lying on the ground is a negative sign and it warns about some serious trouble. The men who saw such dream can get fired; if a woman saw this plot, her children or husband may get sick.

If you had a dream about feeding the peacocks, in real life you would be able to find an approach to an impregnable person or make friends with someone new. Riding a peacock symbolizes changes in the dreamer’s life with a number of surprises, presents and intrigues.

A dream about a white peacock can tell a young woman about her husband cheating on her; he may even have two families. The white feather of this bird warns you about possible lies or intrigues of ill-wishers who are trying to get ahead of you in any achievements. Another interpretation of a dream about a white peacock is that people whom you considered your foes, are not the ones.

Sergii Haranenko

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