Giving Birth To A Girl Dream Meaning

Such an intimate mystery as childbirth is never seen in a dream without a good reason. And if in a dream a cherished women's dream comes true – and she gives birth to a girl – many people see this as a bright sign. But will a joyful event really bring good luck?

The plot about the birth of a girl often symbolizes a powerful feminine energy. The dream may represent the steel, implacable nature of the dreamer herself. Or it can predict a domineering, ambitious companion to a sleeping man. Or simply indicate the predominance of strong women in your family.

Although in some cases, the vision of a birth of a baby-girl just predicts the real birth of a child. The plot also predicts an unborn girl an unusual fate full of ups and downs. Or it can promise an already existing baby a bright life in the glory.

Interpretations are reassuring: rarely, an image has a negative connotation. You can see it as a symbol of money and love temptations. Sometimes it even carries the meaning of ingenuity and cunning. But luck is guaranteed to be on the side of the sleeper, especially if the ladies are dreaming that a girl was born.

If a big, healthy girl was born, it means that the dreamer will be respected in the work team. You can expect the desired job appointment after such a dream. And sometimes - romantic signs of attention from the boss.

If you have given birth to a sick child - you will achieve career heights on a thorny path. The vision promises a large number of envious people and gossipers who want to interfere. But, having coped with them, you will temper your character and gain valuable experience. In the future, you are destined for high status and an impeccable reputation.

Having a child that you really dream of is interpreted as success in all possible areas. Interpreters predict financial growth, good health, and happiness in relationships.

If an unwanted girl was born, your global plans can be disrupted by sudden falling in love. Gentle dates are going to be far more important than professional ambition.

If an unmarried girl had a baby-girl in a dream, this means she will get married earlier than her best friend. At the same time, the vision predicts a sufficiently wealthy spouse. The girl may not even have to work in a marriage. The husband will allow her to take care of herself, without thinking about financial matters.

For a married woman, giving birth to a girl means a love triangle. The dreamer will be object of interest of a man who is already in a relationship. This situation will only make the sleeping person laugh, because her marriage is strong and indestructible.

For a young lady, a dream personifies a benevolent mother-in-law. You will become real friends with the mother of your significant other, discussing the most delicate topics.

And for a woman of age, the image promises the return of a spark in a relationship. The dreamer will feel full of energy and sexuality again. Sometimes the vision promises a dreamer a gallant boyfriend who will awaken her femininity. And someone else's male attention will have a beneficial effect on marriage.

The dream about having a baby-girl reflects the relationship of the sleeping person with her own mother. If the atmosphere in the dream was pleasant, brought good emotions, it means that the dreamer is close to her mother. The parent will accompany the girl through life, positively influencing all important decisions.

A bad dream that brings negative impressions can mean distance between mother and daughter. Maybe your mom is at a distance and you miss her. Or there is an understatement between you that needs to be dispelled.

What does it mean if a pregnant woman dreamed of giving birth to a girl? If a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy dreams of giving birth to a girl, this means being successful in business. Even after becoming a young mother, do not give up your favorite pastime that brings a decent income.

For a woman in the second trimester of pregnancy, such plot means bothering with relocation. You will move on your own or help your friends.

Seeing such a dream before childbirth is a sign of family harmony. Having a baby will make your relationship with your husband warmer and tenderer. The spouse will flood you with gifts in gratitude for the heir.

What does it mean if a man dreams of birth of a girl? According to the plot of the dream, if his beloved woman gave birth to a girl, this means that the difference in characters creates some inconvenience in the union. Your relationship cannot be called calm, sluggish. They have violent passion, jealousy. With such a darling, the dreamer is hardly destined to be bored.

And if a man dreams of giving birth to a girl himself this is a sign of dependence on women. Perhaps a woman will become your boss. Or you will choose a strong-willed lady with the manners of a commander as your partner.

If you fed the baby with infant formula or milk - in reality you will experience the anticipation of joy. The dream promises the thrill of the first date or the anticipation of the desired trip. In any case, you will prepare for the upcoming event responsibly and with pleasure.

To feed a newborn with ordinary adult food in a dream is a sign of impatience. The dreamer's desire to finish some business faster can ruin everything. Do not forget: the quieter you drive - the further you will be! Take your time and enjoy the process.

If the girl was born to a colleague or boss, this means you will soon be offered to take part in an interesting work project.

If in a dream a friend or distant acquaintance gave birth to a child – you will hear hot gossip about her. And you will be very surprised, because you never expected such actions from this woman.

Childbirth of a young stranger is a symbol of good health. Often, such an image promises the dreamer living a long life. Moreover, it is with you that the glorious family of centenarians will begin. This feature will be transmitted further along the female line.

If you dreamed of a mature lady giving birth to a girl, this means that a certain woman will show sympathy for the dreamer. Perhaps you will get a good-natured, faithful friend. Or win the favor of the executive in the office who is always cold.

If a child was born and died immediately, thoughts of renewing a relationship with a former partner will visit you. You will remember the joys together and think that everything was not so bad.

To give birth to a dead child means to be closed from feelings and an incredulous person in reality. In the distant past, your heart was broken. But this does not at all prohibit letting in a new admirer.

The rapid birth of a baby-girl predicts leisure in the ladies' company. For a short time spent together, the dreamer will learn all the latest gossip.

Painless childbirth in a dream promises relief after breaking the connection with a clingy person. After his disappearance, miracles will begin in the dreamer's life. As if this subject was the cause of past troubles.

What does it mean to give birth to a girl long and painfully? Too long process of labor predicts hesitation in the love sphere. You will be puzzled by an unexpected marriage proposal. Or you will be faced with a choice between two worthy admirers. You should approach the question in a practical way; your heart may suggest the wrong option.

Very painful childbirth symbolizes the temptation, which is difficult to renounce. The dreamer understands that her plan will bring trouble, but sees more pros than cons. And he turns out to be right.

To give birth to a girl with big eyes is a dream predicting success achieved thanks to appearance. This is often a harbinger of popularity with the opposite sex. Sometimes a dream predicts the ability to charm a person from whom the dreamer needs something.

If a girl was born with beautiful hair, this means that the dreamer will have an easy life path. People you meet on it will often offer free help. We can safely say that you were born under a lucky star.

The birth of an ugly child is explained by the dreamer's childhood complexes. You grew up a long time ago, but you still need praise and adoration. And you are afraid to take the wrong step so as not to disappoint others.

The birth of a girl with injuries prophesies the dreamer to learn the news about an old friend. And you will discuss the information received with relatives or friends ardently.

If you saw yourself pregnant, and then gave birth to a girl, this means you will get rid of the presence of an envious friend. Or, you can help firing a negligent colleague who has made plots against you.

If you met a pregnant lady in a dream, and then saw her giving birth to a girl - wait for a real meeting. A friend will bring you good news or make an unusual gift. You can also expect financial supply from her.

If the sleeper in a dream did not have parental feelings, the Muslim interpreter promises a little affair. You will not feel affection for your partner - just have a mutually great time.

A loudly screaming, crying girl was born – means you will have to cheat for a good cause. You will withhold some information from a relative or loved one. But the consequences of such an act will bring positive result.

And the silent child personifies sexual desire, insatiability. The dreamer will have amorous adventures initiated by him. And rightly so, do not let the relationship lose its brightness in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What did Freud say about a baby-girl being born in a dream? The birth of a blonde girl means that the dreamer judges a stranger by appearance. The visual impression will be wrong. The person under discussion will soon either amuse you with a lack of intelligence, or amaze you with erudition.

To give birth to a dark-haired child can mean a serious business relationship that will start with a friendship. An old friend would be the perfect candidate for the role of a business partner. You should consider this option - the best candidate is hard to find.

If the girl was born pink, this means your partner will fulfill your craziest whim. Or fulfill a dream that you were afraid to even hint at.

Having a baby with bluish skin predicts dealing with large sums of money. But you can't own them yourself.

If a child was born with red skin – this means some feisty lady is angry with you. She believes that you have interfered with her in her personal life or have taken her position. But soon you will discuss this non-existent problem and find common language.

What does it mean to give birth to a premature baby girl? In reality, the sleeper is destined for the rapid flow of the romance.

If an unviable girl was born in a dream, a good friend or girlfriend of the dreamer will soon start a family. This change will affect your communication and meetings will become less frequent.

Giving birth to a baby carried for too long signals: the sleeping person is too attached to the opinion of the parents. Or he constantly listens to another adult mentor. Although you have long passed the age at which it is necessary to consult with someone. You should start making decisions yourself.

To give birth to a completely adult child means to sympathize with a person who is different from you. He stays in a different age group or belongs to a different religion. Sometimes a dream portends love for a foreigner.

To give birth in your own bed in a dream predicts a frank discussion of your personal life. You will probably chat with a friend about your sexual adventures. Or start an intimate conversation with your partner, informing him of your innermost desires.

Childbirth in the bathroom predicts financial relief. The black streak of lack of money is coming to an end, and soon this sphere will improve.

And to give birth to a girl at home on the floor means giving in to your significant other in a controversial issue. You will consider it right to give the choice to your partner.

Sergii Haranenko
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