Yellow Snake Dream Meaning

Dreaming is the continuation of our reality. According to the interpretation of Miller’s dreambook, all dreams where a snake is present are difficult to be called positive. Most often, such dreams predict trouble.

What is the spiritual meaning of yellow snake dreams? When you dream of a yellow snake, this is a sign of problems in the family and bankruptcy. At the same time a dream about holding a yellow snake in your hands predicts career growth, receiving a large sum of money and mutual understanding in the family.

If you had a dream about killing a big yellow snake that bit you, this image means you will have to show your uncompromising determination. People around you will respect you and begin to reckon with your opinion.

To see yellow snakes crawl between your legs is a symbol that you are very afraid to get sick with a terrible disease and think about it too often. According to Vanga, a snake seen in a dream is a symbol of betrayal.

If you saw a yellow snake attack you, this dream predicts a fight with an enemy. The snake was poisonous - you will not be able to gain victory; not poisonous – you will be glad to find out that you can easily cope with the enemy.

A yellow snake’s bite means you should be ready for a friend’s betrayal. To see a snake's nest, where snakes of different colors are entwined - you will feel human envy.

A huge yellow snake hanging from a tree is a harbinger of illness or the onset of big trouble.

A small yellow snake seen in a dream hints at gossip and insidious intrigues that enemies spread behind your back. A small colored snake in a dream portends events that will greatly affect the future life of a sleeping person.

Unlike Miller, Dr. Freud gives quite a positive interpretation for the snake dreams. According to him, if you dream that you were bitten by a big yellow snake or you are trying to kiss her - during this period of life you have a need for oral sex.

According to Freud, if you are dreaming that you are watching a dancing cobra, it is a sign of your willingness to have sex. And if you run away from it - in real life you have problems in intimate life, but you are silent about them, instead of talking to your partner about it. In general, Freud considered any snake seen in a dream a phallic symbol.

Close to Freud, Nostradamus thought of a big snake seen in a dream as a sign of the sinful fall. Yellow python wrapped around a tree - to debauchery. A snake that swallowed prey in a dream is a sign of gluttony.

To see a yellow snake sunbathing is a symbol of coming illness. Killing a yellow snake means recovery.

Anaconda swimming in the water means that difficulties and obstacles await you on the way to achieving your plans and goals.

Here you can find interesting real-life signs and omens about adders and vipers. Superstitions and old beliefs about seeing a snake.

    The dreambooks provide brief interpretations depending on plot details:
  • large yellow snake - means a change in the field of activity;
  • long yellow snake - predicts a quarrel with a loved one;
  • a pet yellow snake - promises fulfillment of desire;
  • huge yellow snake - means a change in lifestyle;
  • thick yellow snake - the emergence of difficulties in communicating with people around;
  • yellow snake killed in a dream - new useful acquaintances;
  • small yellow snake - warns of a serious illness and loss of strength;
  • poisonous yellow snake - sign of vain hopes;
  • yellow snake with red eyes - means the risk of falling into a bad company;
  • yellow snake with black stripes - warns about possible loss of all property;
  • giant yellow snake - means decrease in working capacity;
  • yellow snake in the house - a pleasant conversation with relatives;
  • yellow snake in the water - symbolizes longing for your loved ones;
  • dream about yellow snake on a tree - indicates a large number of unfinished business;
  • dreaming of a yellow snake in the car - promises improving relationships with colleagues;
  • yellow snake on the neck of its trainer - predicts resumption of old business ties;
  • yellow snake in the box - sign of minor troubles.
    What were the actions of the yellow snake in dreams?
  • yellow snake chasing a rat in a dream - symbolizes hard physical labor;
  • yellow snake biting the dreamer's finger - warns of the possible death of a relative or close friend;
  • yellow snake attacks people in a dream - means treason and betrayal;
  • yellow snake hisses in a dream - means causeless anxiety;
  • dream about yellow snake sleeping - predicts reconciliation with an old friend;
  • yellow snake laying eggs - warns of sharp deterioration in health;
  • yellow snake strangles a person in your dream - is a sign of depression;
  • yellow snake crawled into the house - possible fire or robbery;
  • yellow snake ate something in your dream - predicts food poisoning.
    What were you doing with the snake in a dream?
  • dreaming about strangling a yellow snake - predicts a temporary truce with an ill-wisher;
  • eating a yellow snake in a dream - means deterioration of the financial situation;
  • killing a yellow snake in a dream - promises respect and recognition from colleagues;
  • running away from a yellow snake - means disappointment in a friend;
  • catching a yellow snake in a dream means waste of time.
    What are the Top-5 adverse meanings of yellow snake in a dream?
  • Buying and bringing a yellow snake home is a dream speaking of doubts about the correctness of the decision made.
  • If you dreamed that snake was attacking and biting, this is a sign of concern for the health of a close relative.
  • A yellow snake with two heads in dreams warns of the machinations of ill-wishers.
  • A ball of yellow snakes in a dream - predicts the appearance of an opponent / rival.
  • Running away from a huge yellow cobra indicates the risk of becoming a victim of scammers.
    Here are the Top-5 auspicious dreams about yellow snakes:
  • Feeding a pet yellow snake is a dream speaking of self-confidence.
  • Watching the snake bask in the sun - promises traveling in the company of close friends.
  • Dream of a dead yellow anaconda - promises victory over enemies.
  • Trained yellow snake in a dream - is a sign of good news.
  • Yellow snake talking in a dream - predicts receiving important information.
Sergii Haranenko
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