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Interpretation of a dream about deceased (deadman)

what does it mean when you dream about someone who is already dead? Deceased people may seem to be an absolutely negative sign but it is not always true, the interpretation of the dream depends on the plot. Seeing a coffin with the deadman means getting news and is the sign of weather change. Some sources think is promises a visit of guests, the communication will be pleasant for you. This dream image may also predict buying new technics, changing your wardrobe or a nice little trip.

Carrying a coffin with a deceased promises you financial profit. If you see yourself as a deadman in a coffin it means you will have some obstacles in life that will prevent your plans fulfilling. Burying a coffin with a deadman means you are trying to forget some event but for now you are not being very successful. Unburying a coffin associates with some secret revealing. To see your friend dead in a coffin promises success both in career or personal life. This dream can mean a soon marriage for young people.

Some dreambooks think that seeing a coffin with a lot of flowers around it will be followed by problems in marriage. If you were a deadman in a dream illness and problems can be waiting for you. Gypsy dreambook thinks the opposite that it means you will have a long life if you see a deadman in a coffin in your dream. If the deceased resurrected from his coffin you can expect some troubles in real life. Chinese dreambook says you will have unexpected guests from abroad if you see a deadman raise from a coffin.

A deadman stretching out his hands to you from his coffin is a bad sign. You may become the object of revenge of someone you hurt, can get ill or even attacked. If a deadman was crying in a coffin, a quarrel is waiting for you. A deceased who is lying calmly with open eyes promises financial profit. The profit will come from the source that you didn’t expect.

If a deadman was giving you money this dream is traditionally considered to be a sign of material profit and success in life. If money was given by a deceased who was very close to you it means he is trying to help and it can be not only the financial sphere.Seeing a deceased whom you didn’t know may mean some kind of warning. You should be careful in your financial ventures. If a deadman gives you banknotes this can symbolize financial profit, coins are the symbol of tears, foreign currency can be a sign of deceit. If you remember that the deceased gave you money with his right hand, a lottery winning can be waiting for you. If he gave it with his left hand this promises inheritance or financial support from a person in power.

    If a deadman gave you flowers in your dream this image can have a simple explanation that you have recently remembered about him. This dream can also symbolize a change in social status of the dreamer. For example, a young girl can soon meet her soulmate who will be a part of her future life. If a deadman gave you flowers and called you you should pay attention on who the deceased was:
  • late brother or father - prosperity
  • late ex husband - fateful meeting
  • close female - a warning
  • unknown person - weather change

If a deceased person was seen alive in a dream this can mean a complete change of life, old relations, work, ideology. Sometimes this can mean just a change of weather. If you are persuasively trying to get rid of the deceased and he doesn’t want to leave you alone this means that some events from your past are holding you and don’t let you move on. If you saw yourself dead you can be waiting for a long life - this is what Chinese dreambooks promise. If someone else plays the role up a resurrected deadman, your life will be not only long, but interesting.

Seeing a deadman alive can also mean a discussion of an important issue. If you have an alive deceased person as a guest in your place it means you miss this person a lot. If you kiss a deadman this can mean you feel some guilt towards the deceased, maybe you hurt him somehow or didn’t say the words he was supposed to hear from you. If you see a person who is alive as a deadman it can symbolize your bad feelings for him, you envy him too much and wish him bad. If the deadman says he is alive in your dream, you can be waiting for some news. To see your parents is a warning of troubles in the family.

If a deadman was smiling at you it means that your sorrows will go away soon. Your life circumstances will be improved soon. This dream means you are doing everything right and have earned approval from Above. To hug a happy alive deceased promises a happy positive event soon. A deadman who enters your house smiling promises you promotion at work. A smile of an absolutely unknown deadman is warning you about a serious danger. Your deceased parents seen happy and alive means they approve of your actions or the choice of your beloved.