Purple, Lilac And Violet Color Dream Meaning

Purple color dream symbolism

Purple has long been associated with royalty, luxury, and power. In dreams, the color purple may symbolize a sense of importance, authority, or prestige. It can represent your own inner strength and regal qualities.

Purple is often linked to spirituality, intuition, and the realm of the subconscious. Dreaming of the color purple can indicate a deep connection to your spiritual self, heightened intuition, or a desire for spiritual growth and exploration. It may suggest that you are seeking deeper meaning and purpose in your life.

Purple is also associated with creativity, imagination, and artistic expression. Dreaming of the color purple may signify a surge of creative energy, inspiration, and the need to express yourself through artistic or innovative endeavors. It can represent your imaginative and visionary side.

Purple is sometimes associated with transformation and healing. Dreaming of the color purple may indicate a period of personal growth, inner transformation, or the need for emotional or spiritual healing. It can symbolize the process of letting go of old patterns and embracing new beginnings.

Purple is a combination of the calmness of blue and the energy of red. Dreaming of the color purple can suggest a need for balance and harmony in your life. It may symbolize the integration of different aspects of yourself or the blending of opposing forces to achieve equilibrium.

Purple color in a dream

What does the color purple mean in a dream? If you dreamed about something lilac or purple, then it is a sign of the dreamer's love state, because, to create this tone, you need to take more red than blue pigment. But if you mix two or more parts of blue with one part of red, their “child” - violet - will be a symbol of prosperity. Besides that purple in dreams predicts spending time in a pleasant company.

If you dreamed of tender lilac violets or forget-me-nots, then you can not doubt the sincerity of your beloved. But the iris of lilac color predicts sadness.

To dream of yellow and purple flowers in one vase, for example, lilac and yellow tulips, is a sign of unreasonable fun. A branch of lilac is also a symbol of joy.

Seeing a purple or lilac bird is a symbol meaning you will find a new friend who will be a very joyful person.

Purple clothes in a dream is a sign that you will have a chance to know how faithful your friends are. Unlike violet color in a dream, this test will make you happy - if you find yourself on a financial bottom, close friends will not leave you alone.

As for lilac accessories (watches, clutch, belt), the same as bijouterie seen in a dream mean excessive complacency and arrogance. These features can drive your friends away from you, the Wanderer’s dreambook assumes. The situation will be especially tense if you, among other things, are wearing clothes of the same shade.

According to the Eastern dreambook, to see a wall or a dark-purple ceiling in a dream means speedy enrichment. And if you see that the walls are plastered with light lilac wallpaper, then you should be ready to waste, and, moreover, not always necessary.

The interpretation of purple or lilac color in exterior is different. If you had a dream that your house outside is painted in purple, this means you should not share your plans about money. A dream about non-residential house with a bright lilac pediment is a sign of material assistance from the side.

    Interpretation of other items of lilac color seen in a dream:
  • Lilac car – predicts a successful journey;
  • Purple furniture – a pleasant meeting is waiting for you;
  • Purple toys – your friends and family members will pay enough attention to you;
  • Purple cosmetics – you will look great without much effort;
  • Purple nails - changing the type of activity;
  • Purple shoes - the betrayal of a loved one;
  • Purple clothing - the need to make an important decision;
  • Purple dress - symbol of wealth;
  • Purple water - predicts a long trip;
  • Many purple walls - mean gossip;
  • Purple hair - warns of trouble with friends;
  • Seeing a purple house - quarrels with a loved one;
  • Purple paints - new perspectives at work.

As for violet color, it is rarely seen in dreams. As for Miller, he considers violet color a symbol of luxury and wealth. At the same time this color can be a harbinger of misfortunes: if a woman dreamed that she was putting on a dark-violet dress, shoes, and accessories - this is a sign that she can be widowed.

Seeing a dream that someone gave you a fragile crocus flower of a light violet color as a gift means that your soul will ask for new emotions.

Dark-ink violet flowers seen by a young girl in a dream represent her sincere feelings for her partner. According to Vanga, a bouquet of lilac and purple flowers in dreams promises gaining new knowledge.

Dream of light purple crocus means new experiences; violets in a dream - are a sign of sincere feelings; dream about lilac - is a sign of joy; a purple iris - symbolzies melancholy. According to the Wanderer's dreambook, lilac and other purple flowers dream meaning is illness.

Flowers that are usually not violet in real life predict harmony and calmness in the dreamer’s life.

If you happened to see dark-violet clothes in your dream, this plot says your friends and you will be tested with money. Try not to become presumptuous if you have a decent amount of money in your hands, the Eastern dreambook advises.

Violet shoes seen in a dream is a promise of hanging out with your friends on some distance from your place.

If a woman was trying on tender-violet underwear in a dream, this image means she will have a love affair with a person whom she knows for a long time already.

If you were trying to match a violet headdress to your apparel, this means there is a person in your surrounding who doesn’t like your arrogance.

If a young girl received a golden ring with light-violet tourmaline in a dream, this is a sign that men will be showing interest to her. And if she is preparing for the wedding, this dream is a promise of a happy life.

To buy a piece of jewelry with amethyst means you urgently need to say goodbye to your bad habits.

If you visited a fortune-teller and saw a light violet sphere on the table - you need to become a bit of a philosopher. Moderate your pace of life - you risk missing the most important thing in the eternal race for happiness.

Seeing violet wallpapers on the walls in a dream is a sign of getting rich soon. But violet curtains, bedspreads, carpets have the opposite meaning. Dreams of this kind speak of imminent financial instability.

The violet-colored kitchen is a sign of prosperity and stability, the Modern dreambook states. And soft furniture of violet color is a slight increase in money.

Top-5 adverse purple dream meanings

  • The violet-purple flame in dreams means serious negative changes.
  • Seeing a woman with purple hair in a dream is a sign of loss.
  • Painting a room light purple - means rash words and actions.
  • Choosing purple furniture - warns of a fire or forced relocation.
  • Dressing a child in a violet suit means disease.

Top-5 dreams about purple color items

  • The facade of the house, painted purple, is A dream about an interesting creative idea.
  • Giving purple flowers to a loved one is a sign of success.
  • Wearing purple shoes - means a pleasant meeting with friends.
  • Catching purple butterflies - promises fulfilling a cherished desire.
  • Sewing a toy made of dark purple fabric predicts replenishment in the family.

Purple dreams meaning in the Bible

In biblical symbolism, the color purple is mentioned in several contexts and holds various meanings.

Purple is often associated with royalty, wealth, and honor in the Bible. In ancient times, purple dye was expensive and was reserved for the clothing of kings, rulers, and high-ranking officials. Dreaming of the color purple may symbolize a sense of honor, authority, or the recognition of your worth and value.

Purple color is also associated with spiritual wealth and abundance. In biblical narratives, purple garments were often connected to prosperity and blessings from God. Dreaming of the color purple may indicate a season of spiritual growth, divine favor, and blessings in various areas of your life.

In the Old Testament, purple (violet) was a significant color used in the garments of priests during religious ceremonies and rituals. Dreaming of the color purple may signify a calling to a higher spiritual purpose, a sense of divine appointment, or a need to dedicate yourself to a life of worship and service to God.

Purple is sometimes associated with purity and holiness in biblical contexts. In the book of Exodus, for example, the curtains in the Tabernacle were made of fine linen and dyed purple, representing the holiness of the sacred space. Dreaming of the color purple may symbolize a desire for spiritual purity, a longing for a deeper connection with God, or a call to live a life of righteousness.

Sergii Haranenko
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