Titmouse omens and superstitions

The tomtit symbolizes goodness and happiness. This bird is one of the living creatures that evoke only positive emotions. There are many folk signs that explain the appearance of tits next to a person.

It is considered great luck if a cute titmouse bird sits on your open palm - you can make a wish. If the titmouse on your palm begins to sing, this is a sign that your wish will certainly come true.

The tit is a symbol of the zodiac sign Virgo, which is distinguished by perseverance, pragmatism and hard work.

In the summer, when there is a lot of food, tomtits are busy caring for their offspring, caring for up to 10 chicks at a time. There are also 2 broods per season. All this time, yellow-breasted birds are busy hunting for insects and their larvae, which is why the expression appeared: “the tit is the protector of the garden.”

Signs about tomtits

According to superstitions, if a bird hits a window or knocks on it with its beak, this is a harbinger of trouble or happiness. But the little titmouse does not evoke bad associations.

    The sign can be interpreted in different ways depending on the behavior of the bird:
  • If it sat peacefully on the windowsill and looked through the window into the room - expect good news, joyful changes.
  • Titmouse behaves restlessly, squeaks anxiously, hits the glass - get ready for material losses, or the bird was frightened by a cat.
  • A cheerful titmouse jumps first in one direction and then in the other - portends the arrival of distant relatives.
  • The bird chirps cheerfully while sitting on the windowsill - the situation is in your favor, everything you have planned will soon come true by itself.
  • If the tit has its back to the glass most of the time - don’t worry, there is no news for you, either good or bad.
    Titmouse's whistle (chirping) also has another meaning. It can be used to predict the weather in cold time:
  • The tit is singing - a thaw and a sunny day are expected.
  • The yellow-breasted bird squeaks - foretells frost at night.
  • There are a lot of titmice near the house - cold weather is coming.

If there is a feeder hanging next to the window, there are no omens - the birds are waiting for food, making signs, reminding of themselves in all possible ways: knocking on the windowsill, flapping their wings.

Feeding titmice is a sign of good luck. Those who know the signs about tits happily hang up feeders and prepare treats in advance for forest birds, which, with the onset of cold weather, move closer to human habitation.

What does it mean if a tomtit appears in the house?

    A tit flew onto the balcony - there are several explanations for this event:
  • The feathered guest portends a new addition to the family.
  • You'll get good news soon.
  • If you keep food supplies on the balcony, the bird has chosen its “dining room” - its visit means nothing.

A tit flying into a room evokes diametrically opposed emotions in superstitious people. Some rejoice at the happiness that has arrived, others begin to worry about the fate and health of their loved ones.

The negative interpretation of the sign is explained by the general fear of old-timers of wild birds in the house. According to tradition, birds are associated with the souls of deceased people. But if the spirit of a deceased person wants to visit relatives, see how they live without him, there is nothing wrong with that, there will be no harm from such a visit.

For our ancestors, the window could symbolize the “gate to the other world”; the coffin was taken out of the house through the window opening - hence the fears: you never know what a “visitor from the other world” brought into the house. But the tit is a nice bird; it cannot be a harbinger of great trouble.

    There are interpretations of the sign about a tit in the house, which are based on the circumstances of the bird’s visit:
  • A titmouse flew through the window, stayed in the room, and fluttered out quickly - you can expect guests or a short noisy holiday is approaching. The sign is especially relevant on the eve of the New Year.
  • The bird flew into the room and behaved calmly, sat down on the furniture, and looked around - pleasant events of a large scale are coming, a replenishment of the family is expected, material profit is expected.
  • The tit in the room is nervous, rushing from side to side, emitting a piercing squeak, hitting the walls and ceiling is a bad sign. But there is no need to show your nervousness on the little bird. It is not the cause of possible troubles, but just a messenger.

What to do? Open the window wide, open the curtains, and leave the room so as not to scare the bird. It will find a way out itself - this is the best option: it will fly away with what it came with.

What awaits you in the near future?

Don’t even think about catching the titmouse in order to put it in a cage! If you cannot stand the bird's chaotic fluttering, carefully cover it with a cloth and release it out the window. Do you still have superstitious awe in your soul? A bad omen associated with birds can be neutralized or its effect weakened. Throw food (crumbs, grains, seeds) after the uninvited guest and say the words: “You came for food, not for trouble.”

Sergii Haranenko

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