White Clothes Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream of someone wearing white? White clothes seen in a dream usually predicts acquaintance with people who will become faithful friends for the dreamer in the future.

According to the Islamic dream book, white clothes in a dream predict the birth of a son.

According to the Chinese dream book, white clothing in dreams speaks of victory over enemies.

Miller's dream book predictions about white clothing.

Seeing yourself in a dream in new, beautiful and clean white clothes means success in love affairs and the financial sector at the same time. Miller's dream book claims that such an outfit can be worn by people with high spiritual organization.

In addition, Miller explains why wrinkled and dirty torn white clothes on a man appear in a dream: you will not be able to avoid difficulties in business and delays in payments in the coming days.

Dressing one of the relatives in white clothes - wait for the possible appearance of problems on their part.

  • A mother in white clothes in dreams promises good luck in business;
  • seeing your friend wearing white - solving an important problem;
  • relative in white - a pleasant surprise.
  • if you dreamed that your dad was dressed in a white suit, this means a holiday in the house.
  • dressing up a little daughter in a white dress with lace promises peace and harmony in the family;
  • dressing up your son in a white suit - means strengthening the health of the child.

Who was wearing white clothes in your dream?

  • angels wearing white clothes - unexpected inheritance;
  • grandmother in white clothes - harmony in the family;
  • seeing your brother wearing white - success in business;
  • a sick person in white outfit - death of a relative;
  • former lover in white clothes - meeting an old friend;
  • a dead enemy in white clothes - participating in a charity event;
  • a young woman wearing white - the beginning of an important project;
  • a little girl in white clothes - gaining new knowledge;
  • your daughter wearing white - financial stability;
  • your beloved friend in white - means opening a profitable business;
  • a young wife wearing white outfit - successful self-realization;
  • a familiar woman in white - resting in good company;
  • your son-in-law in white clothes - sign of bad mood;
  • a colleague with a beard wearing white - winning the lottery;
  • your lover in white clothes - buying real estate;
  • a little boy in white outfit - doing a good deed;
  • dream of your mother wearing apparel - a quiet life;
  • husband in white clothes - solving an important problem;
  • a close man in white apparel - mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • a stranger wearing white - receiving an interesting offer;
  • your father in white clothes - promises a coming rest;
  • a guy wearing white outfit - meeting a new business partner;
  • a girlfriend in white apparel - sign of a bargain;
  • dream of a dead man wearing white - sign of promotion;
  • seeing relatives in white apparel - getting rid of bad habits;
  • a dream of your boss in white - getting a bonus;
  • mother-in-law wearing white - gaining valuable experience;
  • seeing a saint in white in a dream - promises recovery after illness;
  • sister wearing white clothes - a long trip;
  • death wearing white dream meaning - empty worries because of one's health;
  • your rival wearing white - resentment against a loved one;
  • dream of your neighbor in white clothes - having a good time with friends;
  • dream of an old man wearing white - warns of a robbery;
  • seeing an old woman in white clothes - predicts quarrels in the family;
  • seeing your son in white - business development;
  • a dream of someone wearing white - may mean the emergence of a new source of income.

What kind of white outfit did you see in a dream?

  • white trouser suit - changing the place of residence;
  • white man’s suit - making the right decision;
  • white sportswear - attending an interesting event;
  • white wedding suit - success with the opposite sex;
  • white outerwear - new business prospects;
  • white children's clothing - a fateful meeting;
  • white groom's suit - purchasing an expensive item;
  • women's suit with a skirt - sign of promotion;
  • white underwear - regret about the missed opportunity;
  • white shirt - a wedding invitation;
  • dream of a white coat - the need to defend your opinion.

What did the white apparel look like in your dream?

  • white clothes covered in the dirt - failures in personal life;
  • white clothes stained with blood - conflicts with relatives;
  • white outfit in spots - loneliness;
  • dirty white clothes - the loss of important documents;
  • unclean white outfit - disrupting one’s plans;
  • beautiful white clothes - sign of good luck;
  • white lace outfit - the revival of old relationships;
  • new clothes of white color - reconciliation with enemies;
  • transparent white apparel - trouble in business;
  • old white clothing - competition at work;
  • ugly white clothes - the risk of becoming a victim of scammers;
  • clean white clothes - the long-awaited replenishment in the family;
  • someone else's white clothes - low-paid work;
  • worn white clothes - minor troubles.

What were you doing with the white clothing in a dream?

  • seeing yourself wearing white clothes - a wedding invitation;
  • choosing a white outfit - traveling to an exotic country;
  • getting married in a church in a white dress and shoes - meeting your future husband;
  • sewing up white clothes with thread - getting rid of an annoying person;
  • dirtying a white outfit - dissatisfaction with your surroundings;
  • buying white clothing in the store - the implementation of the plan;
  • giving white clothes to someone - a short separation from loved ones;
  • eating in white clothes - getting praised by your boss;
  • walking in a white suit and scarf - making the right decision;
  • dressing a child in white clothes - sign of easy money;
  • wearing white clothes for a wedding - symbol of self-confidence;
  • wearing white clothes - may predict the visit of guests;
  • receiving white clothing - getting acquainted with an influential person;
  • trying white apparel on - the fulfillment of desire;
  • buying white clothes - changing the image;
  • looking for white clothing in the store - a lucky coincidence;
  • collecting white clothes - need to help your friends;
  • washing white clothes in a dream - disrupting one’s plans;
  • standing in white outfit - resolving a controversial issue quickly;
  • seeing a man in a white suit and with a bouquet means a profitable investment.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about wearing white in a dream?

  • Dressing in a soiled white suit is a dream warning of a failed project.
  • Seeing a lot of people in white clothes - predicts the vile deeds of colleagues.
  • Going through old snow-white clothing is a sign of sad news.
  • Folding scattered white clothes means a tedious chore.
  • Tearing a white jacket in a dream is a sign of loss.

Here are the Top-5 positive white clothes dream meanings.

  • Dreaming of walking down the street in a white trouser suit means a profitable investment.
  • Dressing up in a beautiful white outfit - means winning the dispute.
  • Changing into a snow-white long robe - predicts a vacation.
  • Wearing white clothes inside out - means committing a bold act.
  • Hanging wet white clothing - promises a family holiday.
Sergii Haranenko
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