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Interpretation of a dream about money (banknotes)

This symbol in a dream predicts a series of events or changes in real life. A dream about money can also be a warning that you should pay more attention to your financial situation. If you had a dream about finding banknotes, this is a symbol that your financial situation will improve and business will start growing.

If you were holding banknotes in your hands, this dream means you can get a very profitable offer. A dream where you had to give away your money (either paying for something, or paying your debts) is a warning that one of your colleagues wants to steal your idea. You should be careful with people around you and not reveal your thoughts and ideas to everyone.

A dream about banknotes also predicts misunderstanding or a serious quarrel with someone. If you saw yourself a very rich person with plenty of banknotes, this dream, on the contrary, predicts financial problems in real life.

Seeing a lot of banknotes in your dream is a sign that your wishes will come true. To receive a certain amount of money in a dream – predicts losses and grieves, to lose money – a sign of insignificant defeats.

If you had a dream about finding and counting money, this is a symbol that you may lose your happiness in real life. Picking up money – predicts losses; finding out that the banknotes are faked – deceit and useless waste of energy; a sack with banknotes – predicts long life.

To receive salary in a dream, promises indifference and ingratitude of the spouse in reality for men. A dream where you were paying up salary to your employees predicts some parting.

According to Gypsy’s dreambook, you should not give banknotes to anyone is your dream; otherwise you will have financial loss. If you found banknotes, you will have to lend money from somebody in reality. If someone gave you money as a present or paid for your services, means payment for your work in real life.

Some dreambooks think that a dream about getting cash can predict pregnancy or successful completion of litigation. In general, such a dream is very favorable, finding money also foreshadows good luck or fabulous success.

According to Chinese dream interpreters, if you were returning debts in your dream, you will recover soon. If you picked up notes from the floor – you will be extremely lucky; if you were sharing your acquired fortune with your spouse, this predicts separation. Receiving money from someone predicts joy.

As for Eastern women’s dreambook, if you saw banknotes in your dream, you can be expecting some trip soon.