Carrion Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about decomposing carrion, be prepared for the fact that well-thought-out plans will be shattered, and despair and anxiety will settle in your soul.

Did you dreamed of fetid carrion? Miller's dreambook predicts a serious illness or situation that adversely affects your life. Carrion in a dream is usually a sign of an impending epidemic and trouble, which is already on the threshold.

The decayed corpse symbolizes getting rid of bad habits and spiritual cleansing. It all depends on the sensations that you experienced at the sight of the carrion.

Seeing a rotting corpse, but not feeling the stench or disgust is a good sign. This means that you will be suddenly showered with big money or fantastic luck.

Was your dream associated with discomfort? Prepare for the losses and problems that will come from the past.

What dreams of vultures tormenting carrion mean? Close people will make you suffer and humiliated. The same image reflects joyless thoughts, spiritual experiences, difficult spiritual searches.

Did you happen to see that wild dogs or jackals are fighting because of a rotten piece? Dream interpretation prophesies a serious disappointment in the chosen one.

Such an incident in a dream hints at a dirty and low-paid job, or the scandal that will happen in the workplace.

If a man dreamed of offal, this can mean he doesn’t trust his girlfriend or wife. The dream book is sure: flair does not deceive you – there are reasons for such thoughts, even if they are implicit.

Why does a woman dream of the corpse of an animal? Her beloved shamelessly enjoys her boundless confidence. Before it is too late, give up the relationship, otherwise you will be completely disappointed in people and love.

    The dreambooks give short interpretations depending on which animal happened to be offal:
  • Bird – trip to a relative who faces a trouble;
  • Mouse, rat – losses, separation from someone close to you;
  • Cow, horse – fatal disease, funeral;
  • Hare – constrained circumstances, damage to your dignity;
  • Snake – friend’s betrayal;
  • Monkey – victory over ill-wishers;
  • Elephantwedding cancelled, loss of position.

If you see a lot of small carrion, dream interpretation thinks that there is a risk of injury due to an accident.

If you saw dead fish in the sea, this means that welfare will come only after a number of serious life difficulties. Seeing beached whales, dolphins and other sea carrion is even worse. Illness or own unreasonable behavior will lead to great misfortune.

If you dreamed that a dead, decomposing animal suddenly began to revive, taking its original form, get ready for an extremely strong shock that will turn the rest of your life.

Sergii Haranenko
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