All About Hair In Dreams

How to understand dreams about hair? Hair images can convey different information to people of different sexes. For example, if in a dream the body is covered with hair, then men can count on forgiveness and receiving some service, and for women it is a hint that if you are interested only in yourself and put your whims at the forefront, then moral principles will suffer.

Flowers in hair seen in a dream speak about troubles that will become difficult trials for women if the flowers were white.

Other examples of "gender" dreams: a woman combing her hair in a dream will repent in reality for her frivolous actions, and a man who is losing hair, because of his own unjustified generosity, will lose success and end up in poverty.

Another purely feminine image: hair of two colors on the head, both dark and light. This dream is a call - you are faced with a difficult choice and doubt very much, weigh the pros and cons and are being extremely careful.

Other interpretations are general. Pay attention to hair color. Your own gray head prepares you for bad news or events. If your face remains young, this means you should be careful, otherwise losses and health problems cannot be avoided. Although in some cases (if there are prerequisites for this in reality), white curls can be seen in a dream on the eve of trips or meetings. To see another person gray-haired predicts not the best changes, but for lovers it means interference of rivals in relationships.

Black curls warn of a love trap, golden hair speak of courage and other worthy qualities of your soulmate, chestnut hair symbolizes problems at work. Red hair matters if its owner in a dream is your companion in reality. This means that there will be changes in the relationship.

But hair color may not always really matter in a dream. So, a beautiful hairstyle is a harbinger of success in business. But if the haircut turns out to be too short, beware of rash and excessive spending, otherwise you will be in trouble. A dream about matted, uncombed hair also promises problems. Lush styling, on the contrary, predicts boundless happiness.

Hair cutting or hair loss is a symbol of temporary deterioration in business, small losses.

A pleasant change on the personal front is promised by a dream in which you pat someone on the head. You will finally meet your person.

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