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Cat (general Interpretation) Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about cats? A lot of households have cats as pets, and this animal is seen by each of us everywhere. But what does it mean when a cat comes to our dreams at night? The interpretation of dreams about cats depends on details of the plot, the look of the animal, its color, behavior, etc.

According to the Vedic dreambook, seeing a cat in a dream is a bad sign. There can be traitors and cheaters in your surrounding who are hiding behind the mask of friendship. The cats in dreams also symbolize danger and it is recommended to avoid walking alone in empty night street, someone may want to rob you.

According to Miller, a cat in a dream is a signal of bad luck. But you will be able to avoid a bad turn of events if you kill this animal, or drive it away as far as possible from yourself. A cat in a dream is also a warning about jealousy of your business rivals.

Russian people’s dreambook interprets the night plot depending on the sex of the animal. A fat impudent male-cat is considered a warning that your husband is planning to cheat on you. If a man sees a kitten in a dream, this means he will meet a beautiful but very independent woman with bold character.

A Family dreambook gives interpretations of dreams about white and black cats: a white cat predicts profitable purchase; the black animal is a symbol of loss and money waste. If it was seen by an unmarried woman, she will soon meet her husband-to-be. According to Medea’s dreambook, a presence of cat in your dream represents a person’s unconscious intuitive feeling and warns about an unstable situation.

Associating yourself with a cat means unconscious wish for sensuality, careless and sex. Seeing a dream about many cats surrounding you is a signal that there are unfaithful people and false friends near you. The adult kitty is a symbol of sexuality, and kittens are a sign of loneliness and helplessness. The dream can mean both aspiration for love and being afraid of this feeling.

A cat in the water is like a struggle of two opposites. This animal very rarely likes to splash around in a pond, so the interpretation of the dream book is unambiguous – you will get into an awkward situation, and you will need to get rid of its consequences for a very long time. Two cats strengthen the negativity of the plot. This animal as a symbol of flattery, lies and hypocrisy, will appear in your life very soon. On the contrary, a dream about a cat and a dog together means that your friends will protect you from intrigues of ill-wishers.

A dream about your deceased cat represents connection with the other world and recommends you take a good care of your own health and the health of the members of your family. Talking with a cat in a dream is a symbol of loneliness, the need for communication, love and caress.

For a woman, a dream, in which cats have to be driven out of a house, indicates a successful struggle with female individuals who made intrigues against her and wanted to destroy the dreamer's happiness.

A cat and a snake are interpreted by the dreambooks as a duet of detractors (possibly a couple) who envy the family’s wellbeing and weave intrigues behind your back.

Watching a cat wash in a dream - to the arrival of guests. It is possible that you will meet old good friends with whom you will have a great time. Watching how a dog is hunting a cat in a dream is a warning that you should never deceive your friends. Upon learning of your deception, friends will turn their back on you forever.

To dream of a little kitten hiding on a tree from an angry dog is a sign that you should be very carefulin real life. If you dreamed of a kitten, who, noticing a dog in the distance, immediately runs to hide on the roof, then you should beware of the danger that you once managed to avoid.

If you saw a cat hunting a mouse in a dream, then in the near future your life will be restless and not exactly joyful. There will be various problems on your life path due to the cunning and evil wiles of your secret enemy. Watching a cat lying next to a mouse hole pretending dead means that in the near future someone close to you will make an attempt to deceive you. To watch how the cat caught the mouse and carried to show its prey to other cats is a sign that you are a very conceited person in real life. Perhaps such a dream suggests that there are vain people in your environment who will bring you great misfortune.

If you were scratched by a cat in a dream, this means you will face big problems in reality because of which you will worry a lot. If you have dreamed that the cat has driven you claws right in your chest, then you will experience spiritual longing, sadness and grief.

To see a city flooded with cats is a symbol that foreshadows environmental catastrophe, drought, famine. Hissing cats with a raised back and ruffled fur - a sign of theft and robbery.

Seeing peacefully sleeping cats foreshadows incomplete success in business. Seeing yourself surrounded by many meowing cats means that you are surrounded by the wrong people who are ready to go to any betrayal for the sake of profit.

To feed or pet cats in a dream foreshadows ingratitude for a good deed. If you dream of beating a cat, you will be brought to justice for an offense. Eating cat meat - to treachery and deception. Eating cat meat or skinning off a cat is a sign that you don’t miss the chance to gain profit at the expense of others. Cat skin in a dream means returning the lost.

The cat in general characterizes the unpredictability of the situation, instability, also - the feminine, intuitive side in any person, the desire for sexual relationships

Sergii Haranenko

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