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Husband’s Lover Pregnant Dream Meaning

As the dream book says, the pregnant mistress of your husband in a dream does not always indicate infidelity of your spouse. The interpretations of the sign often have the opposite meaning: an irrepressible baseless jealousy can bring trouble. At the same time, the symbol makes it known that not everything is smooth in your relationship, perhaps the image is a reflection of a lack of love.

Miller explains dreams about seeing your rival pregnant as the issues in business and social spheres. The unseemly act committed by indiscretion will create a resonance, will cause the contempt of friends.

Some old dreambooks consider the main danger to be moral degradation of the family, the result of which will be quarrels, a noticeable deterioration of financial position, loss of status.

Some dreambooks consider dreams about husband’s lover being pregnant a sign of lack of trust and opportunity to talk openly. Marital secrets are not necessarily related to personal life.

After seeing this in a dream, the wife will act wisely if she finds a way to tell her spouse that now is not the time to get involved in risky enterprises, to enter into questionable contracts.

Freud considers a dream about the mistress of your spouse pregnant a sign meaning that the frivolity or lecherous behavior of the dreamer brought some of the friends to unkind thoughts. It is not excluded that, willy-nilly, a woman created problems for her second half in other everyday spheres: in business, in relations with relatives; the presence of a lover in her life is not denied.

If passionate, exciting scenes of adultery are dreamed up to a woman, family intimate life will become bright and rich.

    The dreambooks give explanations of such dream seen by an unmarried woman:
  • The unknown man symbolizes the circle of friends that is not suitable for her;
  • The plot can be a reflection of lack of father’s attention;
  • The cheating hero of the woman’s dream can represent the lack of confidence in her attractiveness;
  • The plot reflects the woman’s mistrust to the opposite sex;
  • Pleasant worries in a dream speak of inner freedom.

Esoteric dreambook considers that one can see a pregnant lover of a spouse at the time of family conflicts. A public scandal of fight in a dream emphasizes difficulties and misunderstandings in the marriage. A friendly dialogue is a sign that there is no reason for worries about your husband’s loyalty in real life.

Sergii Haranenko

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