All About Pregnancy In Dreams

The dream of pregnancy portends troublesome affairs associated with new plans.

A dream in which you will see a beautiful pregnant woman and get surprised portends you an unexpected profit which will be very useful, although you will have to work hard to get it. If a pregnant woman in your dream is ugly, and you were unpleasantly surprised, this means you will find a lot of trouble and unrest.

For young women, a dream in which they see themselves pregnant predicts happiness in love, marred by disagreements with their lover or spouse; for older women, such a dream threatens with health problems.

For people who have a lot of debts, such a dream can predict some relief in their situation. If you have secrets, then you should be careful not to reveal them, but if you yourself want to know something, the dream about pregnancy predicts that you will have the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity.

For girls, a dream about pregnancy can mean that they will face shame and dishonor.

If a young and pregnant woman sees herself pregnant in a dream, the dream predicts her a lot of trouble and worries.

There are a variety of dream plots about pregnant women, men and animals; the dream dictionary will help you find the right interpretation for you.

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